Us and Why We Blog

We are a growing family, with two busy children and a blessing on the way, who simply wants to learn, grow and share…. And – Wow! – I just realized it’s been a a few days past a year since we started this blog… Looking back at our first post, I realize the blog has not exactly gone the way we planned for it – a tool for Mike and me to communicate through and share with.  It’s been more “my thing”.   Still, it’s been a good year and it’s fun to look back at our original intentions.  Also, I have to thank Mike for getting me into all this.  It has given me some good personal time, provided a forum for sharing with friends, family and strangers alike, and allowed me to “meet” like-minded folks.  It also acted as a catalyst for me starting a homeschooling blog, which not only helps me focus on (and share about!) the kids’ learning and growth, but has also recently attracted the attention of two veteran bloggers who have invited me to guest-post.  A silly thing to get excited about, I know.  But, it feels good to know some of my random postings are useful to others!  So, thanks, Mike for being the inspiration to get this all going…

Family Photo Easter 2009

May 5, 2009:  Okay, so a while back Mike suggested we start a family blog.  I wasn’t opposed to the idea, but I also wasn’t all for it … yet.  There just seemed to be so many other things in life to attend to.  At the time, simply balancing the “must” blessings in my life – kids, home, marriage, faith, work, etc. – without completely ignoring the other gifts God has granted me – friends, community and all – seemed enough of a challenge.   Plus, I know myself…

When I start something new, one of two things usually happens.  Either I get so involved in the new thing that it tips the scales of balance in my life completely out of whack.  Or, the rest of life prevents me from getting as involved in the new thing as I want to be, so that new thing becomes something I dabble at –  bit by bit – which distracts me from other things while never being fully attended to in and of itself.  The result?  The “something new” becomes yet another something “to do”.  Hmm… That didn’t sound appealing.  I already had enough to do.  So, when I thought about the idea of a family blog, I thought, “N-n-n-no, I seek balance right now.  Besides, what would we have to write about?  And, if we did actually have something to share, when would we ever make the time to do so?”

Well, here it is, months and months later… The “no” has turned into a “Let’s try it!”  Why?  Well, it’s not because I have miraculously found balance in life.  Nor is it because I have finally checked off everything I want to on my ever-lengthening to-do list.  And, it certainly is not because Mike and I have found the secret of adding extra time to each day.  Rather, it is simply because I have had a niggling feeling that creating a blog with Mike is something I am supposed to venture into right now.  It might sound crazy or capricious, but it’s what seems right – right now – and what other time is there than the “precious present”.

The Precious Present – as expounded upon in a great book Mum and Dad gave me years ago by the same title – brings me to another reason I want to write this blog.  Remember earlier when I explained that I had felt like we weren’t traveling nor adventuring, so what would there be to write about?  Well, I have since realized that we are traveling – not to distant lands, or even nearby sites, but, rather, on an incredible journey of family, faith, etc.  In doing so, we are adventuring –  as anyone who spends time around little ones can attest, with children, every day is an adventure and every moment is, indeed, precious and worth sharing.  (Never fear- we will attempt not to bore you with too many of the mundane, yet miraculous details of daily life.)

So, here I am, saying a belated, “Yes!” to Mike’s blogging idea.  And, I declare that “Yes!” with both a sense of peace and a dash of excitement.  I am confident that God will continue to work in my heart – as He has been – on creating the discipline I need to reach the balance I seek.  Therefore, I believe that blogging won’t throw off any of the equilibrium I have found in life of late, nor will it become a teasing to-do at the end of my daily list of tasks… (Or, so I hope!) Likewise, I am eager to venture into a creative project with Mike that is one we want to work on together (as we both love writing), not one we feel we have to (think: de-cluttering and cleaning)…  Also, I look forward to the opportunity to share with friends and family, to laugh at the juxtaposition between what Mike thinks and writes about and what I do and to reflect upon the myriad of jobs and joys that fill my daily existence… So without further ado, welcome to Wonder and Will – Mike and Martianne’s Montage of Random Thoughts and Sporadic Sharing!

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