Posted by: mmstanger | December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas (and Blogging Break)

My children know that this:
 is because of this:
The also know that we are now in the midst of the season where we celebrate  Jesus’ birth.
Reaching our own children through their natural connection with the Baby Jesus is such  a beautiful thing.
Remembering that more is often caught than taught is important, too.
Thus, we will continue taking our extended blogging break here at Wonder  and Will, and will also be taking a break at Training Happy Hearts, where we have been posting regularly throughout 2011,  in order to focus more fully on faith and family.  Before this break continues, however, we would to take a moment to wish everyone a most blessed Christmas season and promising New Year.
May you see Jesus in every young child in your life (including the one inside of you!). And, may you let the Lord help you be His hands, mouth and heart to fellow children of God that you encounter.
We hope to start posting here again at least a couple times a month after the Christmas season winds down.  We also regularly pot at Training Happy Hearts, so check there if you want to stay in touch.

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