Posted by: mmstanger | November 12, 2010

Thousand Things Thursday and Order in the Home Update

Yesterday got ahead of me with appointments, errands, productivity and family time, so I was not able to post the most recent update on Thousand Things Thursdays and Order in the Home.  So, here it is, a day late.

When we last left off with Thousand Things, I was at 319.  Since then, when I have managed to remember to note items as I purge, I have been able to knock off another — things.  Whoo hoo:

319-7 grocery bags of clothes and 1 big bag of clothes and shoes=311

How good it feels to drop donations in the charity box on the way to our Tuesday library story times.  Praise God for making helping others while decluttering our home and getting to social learning times for the kids so easy and convenient.

311- 1 reflective running belt=310

What’s better than when hubby jumps on board with the purging and picks out a few items himself.  May the freecycler who’s training for a marathon get more use out of the belt than we’ve been getting and may ll her runs be safe and enjoyable!

310-9 magazines=301

Thank you, God, for helping us see that it is silly to hold onto so many back issues.  May those who now have the magazines in their hands enjoy them and pass them on.

301-2 vhs cassettes=299

It’s always a blessing when you’ve got something in the car for a donation and someone you know who happens to see it says they’d enjoy it.  So good to be able to bring a smile to a friend.

299-7 bags of paper=292

Where does all this paper trash come from?  I am not sure, but I sure am glad to help out our town through donating it to the Paper Retriever bins at the school after storyhour each week rather than just trashing it!  May God guide the budget makers so the funding earned goes to good places.

292-2 stuffed trashbags of military stuff and 1 pair of military boots=289

Praise God that Mike finished up his National Guard commitment without being deployed.  So good to know he will safely be home with us on weekends and during the summer now.  And, so glad to be able to pass on the extra gear he had that didn’t need returning to Special Kindness in Packages, Inc., an awesome local charity that helps soldiers.

289-80+ random plastic recyclables=209

In an effort to go more “green”, we are bringing less and less plastic into our home, yet there is still sooo much of it here.  Praise be for the little pocket of time I had to run around collecting as much unneeded recyclable plastic from our home.  Two bins worth that no freecyler wanted to reuse or repurpose.  So, thanks goes to town services that picked them up for recycling.

209- 2 bases and 1 car seat=206

Love, love, love when I can pass on passed-on goods that we are not in need of anymore to keep a friend’s wee ones safe.  Thank you, God, for the cycle of re-use for safety!

206- 1 bag of maternity clothes=205

Thank you for the abundane of maternity clothes that were passed onto me that I can pass onto some other mom-again-to-be.  May respect and celebration of life continue — and may budgets stay low for all with passed along clothes!

205-3 bags baby clothes=202

I love when I am able to give back to those who gave to me.  Thank you for the blessing of having extra hand-me-downs to divide with a friend and her sister-in-law for their kids.

202-1 netted baby seat=201

Thank you, God, for the protection from EEE-carrying mosquitoes this seat provided Jack this past season.  May my friend’s sister-in-law’s new blessing, who is expected in a few months, remain safe and smiling inside it, too.

201-1 back pack, 1 diaper bag, 1 vcr video, 1 bag of clothes and 1 GRE study book=196

Praise God for one stop pass-along charity bins.  They make purging sundry small items so handy, allowing other families to benefit from our excess while allowing the kids to stay warm and snug in the car while Mommy drops the donations.

And, there you have it:  Less than 200 things to go until I reach my goal of 1000 things purged with prayer.  And, let me tell you.  I thought that goal was a lofty one, but looking around, I have a feeling I could do a second, maybe even a third round on my quest to an more orderly and simplified home.  Care to join me?  I plan to knock out the final portion of this 1000 things by the end of the month and to start the next round on the first Thursday of  December.  I invite folks to join in.  Maybe we can even start a link up to inspire each other…

Order in the HomeAnd, on another note. many of the things noted in this update came from the piles and boxes of clutter in Mike and my bedroom.  Hence, I am happy to report that they provide evidence that I have been focusing on reclaiming that space, once and for all.  Five minutes here, fifteen there, with some longer marathons on the weekend when Mike enthusiastically enjoys time with the kiddoes while I focus on the de-clutter, we are making progress.  The focus I promised myself as I turned “simply 40” is paying off!  We are honoring our offering of bringing Order in the Home.

Finally, let me say that I truly feel the sense of peace and accomplishment I am receiving from these efforts are a fine, fine thing — as are the organizations and systems (like paper Retriever, Freecycle and SKIP Cares) that allows me to do it with such ease and purpose.  Thus, I am choosing to share this post at Finer Things Friday.  Check out the links there to see what fine things others have been enjoying.  And, be sure to leave a comment here if you’d like to join me in my next round of 1000 things.  I would love to have company in the next edition:  1000 Things Thursday, Purging with Prayer!



  1. Whoa! Amazing work on your clutter. 🙂

    • Thanks! The encouragement helps keep me motivated to keep going with it!

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