Posted by: mmstanger | October 30, 2010

Simply 40

Hiya, folks!  Long time, no post, I know.  I have been so busy multi-tasking and trying to juggle other things of late that I totally dropped the ball on Wonder and Will.  No excuses.  Just recognition:  I need to simplify!  I have so many need to’s, should do’s and want to’s in life that I am not attending well to any of them.

So, what am I going to do about it?

Simplify!  Yep!  As I face the big 4-0 today, I recognize my folly of the past year.  I have great goals but am so busy spinning, I rarely take steps towards actually reaching any of them.

Just what are those goals?

  • To  live a God-centered life; to have a vibrant, effective relationship with God, learning more about the precepts of my faith and living them daily
  • to be balanced, happy and healthy; to embrace life with all it offers (even the “bad”)
  • to grow in a strong, trusting, happy relationship; to let Mike know I love him and am happy I married him; to love, support, serve and communicate
  • to love and guide our children, shaping them into God-centered, independent, happy people
  • to provide a comfortable, clean and welcoming home; healthy, economic and tasty meals; and sound financial planning; to maintain healthy, supportive environment

Not too complicated, right?  So, there seems no reason that I should get off course in moving towards them.  Yet I do.  Why?

As I reflect on where I set out to go when I synthesized these goals a while back as opposed to where I am today, I realize that not only do I sometimes neglect to keep my goals in mind, but also, I often fail to choose a single path at a time to step in.  Instead, I spin.

I take steps in one direction, making some minor headway.  Then, before I have turned a true corner, I take steps in another direction.  Then another.  And another… Thus, I end up moving along lots of side paths, rarely making any significant progress.  And, while the little action steps I take may seem positive, by taking so many concurrently, I negate any true success in goal-achievement.  Yep, just like this post is doing, I end up simply going in circles…

No more.  Today, I resolve to embrace the very simple truth I have ignored too long:  taking steps in ONE direction gets you a lot further a lot faster than taking them in many.

So, before I get too dizzy, it is time to stop moving in circles.  It’s time to set a single course for each goal and then to choose just one of those to travel at a time.

Order in the HomeFirst up, the goal: to provide a comfortable, clean and welcoming home; healthy, economic and tasty meals; and sound financial planning; to maintain healthy, supportive environment.  The course I will take: continuing Order in the Home through decluttering, starting anew with Mike and my bedroom.

Ready, set, here I go…



  1. Hey don’t be so hard on yourself – I’ve seen all the amazing parenting and teaching you’ve been up to on your home-schooling blog and think you’re pretty incredible. I think if I was doing even half as well as you at creating order in the home and working towards better work/life/God-centred balance I’d be pretty pleased with myself – and that’s without two full-on youngsters and a new baby to deal with!
    Big hugs and respect to you my wonderful friend!
    Miss you! 🙂


  3. […] I focus on the de-clutter, we are making progress.  The focus I promised myself as I turned “simply 40” is paying off!  We are honoring our offering of bringing Order in the […]

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