Posted by: mmstanger | September 22, 2010

Life Is a Celebration

When I was younger, I used to love the TV show Fame.  One of the songs from it still pops into my head quite often.  Most recently, the chorus of it rang loud and clear as  we remembered  my grandmother, Mary Lombardo, throughout the beautiful services that were held for her this past weekend:  Life is a celebration!

Indeed, Grammy’s life is something to be celebrated.  As is the “population explosion” she and Grampy began.  How grateful I am to be part of a family tree that is so big and sturdy and so very “full of love”. And, how wonderful was

That beauty of our family tree God for family and friends who gathered to honor her.  It was so good to see folks.  And, my goodness, how cathartic was the song that the funeral service director was inspired to play after seeing the beautiful family tree craft my cousins Kelly and Sam made to honor Grammy and her family. (get your tissues out to be prepared for a cathartic, smiling though crying kind of moment if you are blessed with a family like mine before listening below!)

Truly, I am thankful and proud to be a branch on the Mary and John Lombardo tree and feel blessed to have all my aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, nieces, nephews and children branching out along with me, ensuring that tree will always grow.

PS For those who want to laugh at some great 80’s fashion, be wowed by another little lady (Debbie Allen) and how she can dance and enjoy a reminder, check this out:

This post is being shared at Grace Alone’s Thankful Thursday.  Please check out the links there to be inspired by others’ grateful hearts!  And if you want to read Grammy’s eulogy, you can here.  She was a special woman!



  1. Beautiful tribute, blessings to you dear.

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