Posted by: mmstanger | September 16, 2010

Thousand Things Thursdays Are Back Again

A lesson from GG: Consider "generations of love" important, not "stuff".

It is Thursday night and time for bed.  Before I slumber, I am again thinking of my wonderful Grammy, who passed on this week and who I paid tribute to here.

As I looked around at all the “stuff” in my nome today, while thinking about the “real things” that matter — like relationships and faith — I could not help but to ponder how Grammy left this world with almost nothing — by choice, after years and years of saving everything.  (The depression era mandated that.)  How she seemed to have taken the “leave everything and follow me” scriptures to heart in the last years of her life — well, never leaving our family, but dismissing both desire and need for material things in lieu of concentrating on prayer and relationships.  I am not sure I am there yet, but I certainly feeling the urge to purge more strongly again and thrilled to report I had a bit of time to follow up on that today.

Yep!   as I get ready for bed, I am happy to have had, not only some time just now to attack a closet while all three of my children are miraculously sleeping at the same time during a moment I am fully awake, but also to have had 30 whole consecutive minutes during the day today to do some tidying, cleaning and purging despite the fact that my older two don’t nap that I just had to pick up with my loooong overdue Thousand Things Thursdays countdown.

Now, I can say with all honesty that my effort to purge has continued (however slowly) even if my commitment to keeping track of it through regular Thousand Things Thursday posts has not.  Quite frankly, my feeling has been, “Who has time to type lists when sneaking five minutes here and fifteen there to declutter while taking care of three very busy children under five?”  Certainly not me.  I am facing enough of a challenge juggling all life’s balls right now without tossing a pen or a keyboard into the mix for record keeping.  Still, I have noted some things in the 17 weeks (Yikes!  That long…) that have passed since I last posted a Thousand Things Thursday update.  (And, here, I mean some things besides the fact that I am very inconsistent and have failed to keep promises to myself or those reading this blog that I will post every Thursday about this.) So, here goes – the continued countdown, minus the many things I have forgotten to list, which are likely “canceled out” anyhow by the plethora of things we have taken into our home in the way of hand me downs, baby goods, etc.:

499 – 1=498 May the little two year old of the mama who came for the child potty today train with ease!

498-4=495 May the three different folks who picked up some of Mike’s old textbooks this past week benefit from them.

495-8=387 Thank you for stealing me against the temptation of purchasing anything beyond our means from the education and parenting catalogues I just passed on.  Great someday stuff, but all wants, not needs.  And, right now, a greater need is to purge things, not add to them!

387-12=375 May the grandmother who picked up the bag of girlie bibs today delight in the fun, albeit messy moments, of her droollie little angel.

375-9 (at least)=366 I am amazed, Lord, with the amount of paper that enters this house.  Thank you for giving me some time to get through the piles that accumulate here and there and for all the Paper Retriever bins around that I can conveniently recycle it in.

375-46=329 Thank you, Lord, for the abundance of clothing that has been passed onto us for the kids, which we can, in turn, pass on for other kids’ use.  I just weeded 40 more articles our yesterday and know that we have given at least four bags full to charity and another two to friends and family.

329-5=324 Thank you for letting the need for baby blankets of another mom of a newborn be made known to me, so I could share some of the stack we had.

324-1=321 Thank you for helping us find a good home for the cute bassinet that was passed onto us to be passed on again.  We simply had no need for it since we so love our family cradle inside and now have a new-to-us netted baby seat we can use outdoors — which is much better than the bassinet for keeping the nasty EEE mosquitoes away!

321-2=319 Thank you for friends who passed along their newer model car seat and swing to us, allowing us to trash instead of clean the car seat we had that the mice may have traipsed over in the garage (yuck) and to offer our well-used swing to someone who wanted it and was willing to do the small repairs it needed.

Order in the HomeAnd, so it is, I find myself happily below the 1/3 left to go mark on my Thousand Things Quest.  Hoorah!  I know it is but a dent in the clutter amassed in our house and the Order in the Home I seek is yet to become a reality, but baby steps, baby steps…  With the grace of God, and a few more pockets of time like today offered me, it will all come to fruition.  And, as life continues to unfold, maybe I will gain the wherewithal to follow Grammy’s lead even further.  Either way, I am just so excited to be 2/3’s done with my quest to purge things I should not be storing — one thing at a time — using each thing I purge as a moment of prayer, until I have reached at least 1000 things.

Yesiree, I am so thankful for this opportunity to become a better steward and more prayerful person.  Thus, I am sharing this post at Grace Alone’s Thankful Thursday.  Be sure to stop by there to check out the links.  Also, do leave a comment here with encouragement or inspiration – perhaps, about your own Thousand (or more or less) Things progress.



  1. Praying for you.

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