Posted by: mmstanger | July 27, 2010

National Guard Family Day

time out tuesdayWe haven’t posted a Time Out Tuesday in so long, although we have been grateful for many simple hours, afternoons and evenings of enjoyment of late — from picnicking at local free summer concerts, to cooling off at the Freetown State Forest wading pool, to watching trains zoom under the bridge during post-dinner walks, to simply building Lego structures on a blanket in the shade in our front yard… Life offers moments of praiseworthy peace and fun in the midst of life’s usual chaos.

So, we thought it was high time to do a Time Out Tuesday post, even if we are spotlighting an event from a couple weeks ago (instead of this past week):  Mike’s National Guard Unit’s Family Day.

After having Mike away for three weeks of annual training just before Jack was born, we were glad his drill this past month included a family day.  And, although we had to wake the kids outrageously early to get to the event at the command-appointed time and ended the day with driving home with Mommy in the back next to Luke, who had a climbing fever, the day was a great one overall.

Luke and Nina enjoyed climbing around in the military vehicles at the Armory.

And, then, they had fun playing “You can’t get me! You can’t get me!” with Daddy at the playground at Hanscom while I nursed Jack in the shade.

Finally, after some socialization and food, Jack and Nina crashed on a blanket in the shade while Luke helped Daddy dunk folks at the dunking tank.  (No pics of the dunking tank experience, since having a camera near the water would not work well with Luke!)

Granted, Luke did cry when Daddy got dunked  after taunting the soldier trying to throw the balls at the target while Daddy sat perched atop the dunk tank.  Daddy didn’t mind though.  He loved cooling off from the sweltering afternoon sun.  And, he liked showing off his pitching prowess, too.  Indeed, we were all impressed when Daddy proved he still had his arm, barreling balls to the target to dunk others.  (Albeit, less impressive were the fast balls that missed their target!)

Laughs, food, sharing and, of course, introducing Jack to Mike’s Unit colleagues who were eager to meet him — it was a good day!

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