Posted by: mmstanger | July 14, 2010

Breaking Our Own Rules…

Just a couple days after we brought Jack home, Luke fell asleep on the couch.  I knew at that moment, we were in for it.  Why?  Our big boy gave up napping at 18 months (Yikes – we know!) and we can count on our hands the number of times he has succumbed to daytime sleep since — and every time has  involved a cold or flu…

The seemingly peaceful slumber pictured here was no different.   It was the precursor to a lovely bout with lots of laundry and lethargy.  For, within an hour of passing out on the couch, Luke spiked a fever and became subject to a night of vomiting and three days of on-and-off fevers… Yuck!

Our response, besides lots of love, pushing the liquids and doing load after load of laundry was to break our rules!  I usually refuse to purchase anything with artificial colors and lots of added chemicals.  But, Luke needed some help so we bought some generic Pedialite pops, which are – unfortunately – full of red (and other) dyes and yuckiness along with the “good stuff”.

Before long, Luke was re-hydrated and back to being himself.  And, with the heat wave we’ve been experiencing, I was willing to break another rule.  We generally don’t allow daily “treats and sweets’ in our home, but, since I found some dye-free, all-natural popsicles at the store, we have been enjoying cooling off with at least one a day.

(And, yes, I know, I could — and should — make my own even healthier pops for the kids myself.  But, Jack is just two weeks old today and I am still trying to get myself into a good rhythm with all the lack of sleep from nursing.)

So, for now, breaking the rules with daily store-bought pops works for us.  What works for you this week?  check out others’ ideas at We Are THAT Family.


  1. There’s a time and place for everything. My children are allergic to corn…but the few times they’ve been in the hospital and needed an iv (FULL of corn!) We’ve dealt with the allergic reaction. Sometimes doing things different aren’t breaking the rules…it’s just the situation changed and needs to be reassessed.

    My family is vegan. After 9 miscarriages I was finally diagnosed with an unknown clotting disorder. I could pump a bunch of chemicals to thin my blood or do it naturally. I chose natural and ate salmon in additon to other natural blood thinners. After she was born I was off that nasty fish…but did i ‘break my own rules?’…I don’t think so…I simply reassessed the situation.


  2. You did the right thing! My parents were very strict about no junk food in the house when I was little, but when someone was sick they’d always get us 7-Up, which really does help to settle your stomach, lubricate a sore throat, and get in some fluids.

    Instead of Pedialyte, when we’ve been sick or sweating a lot, we make Laborade from this recipe I found through “Works for Me Wednesday” last year. It replenishes electrolytes really well, is cheap, and tastes kind of like a virgin margarita! You can make different flavors by using different kinds of juice in place of the lime juice.

    • I have to second ‘Becca’s laborade idea. It’s something I always recommended for my birthing mommas AND dads…keeps them from passing out from stress, exhaustion and the occasional weak stomach.

  3. Thank you for the recipe link – looks good! And, Honey – oh my! The things you’ve been through. Glad God keeps blessing you w/ coming out on top! 🙂

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