Posted by: mmstanger | July 12, 2010

No Cry Sleep Solution — Bring It On!

Oh, for a night’s sleep – or a daytime nap – right now.  Luke took until after 9 to fall asleep.  Jack woke every three hours or so to nurse.  Nina woke up and crawled into Mama and Daddy’s bed around 3:30.  Mommy has been up since 3 a.m.  Bleary eyed and just trying to make it through the day peacefully wihtou literally having to prop my eyes opne with toothpicks.  Also, praying to win this great contest, which promises solutions to many of our family challenges!  Wish me luck and enter yourself…

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  1. Cosleeping will take care of the baby needing to nurse every three hours. You can nurse very easily when the babe’s cuddled up with you…and if there isn’t room in the bed for Nina….pop a small mattress under your bed with sheet,pillow and blanket…she needs you…pull it out and sleep next to you. I’ve had a few friends that have used this when their child’s ready for some independance but still seeks the comfort of mom & dad at times. Also nice for when you’ve a sick child…you don’t have to get out of bed to check on them and at first sound you’re there tending them.


  2. Sorry…forgot the chamomile tea…I remember when my older ones’ were younger and wouldn’t go to sleep….I’d brew some chamomile tea (don’t use if child has hay fever as chamomile is related.) and out they’d go! 😉 LOVE chamomile tea. Also, something warming like cider has helped too. I know it’s summer but the chamomile, or I’ve seen something called sleepy time too although I’ve not used it, can be brewed (steep it strong though) and poured over ice. I prefer to let it go a bit warmer than body temp and give it after a nice hot bath & massage with lavendar if you can work that in. Lavendar and chamomile are so ingrained in them that I couldn’t use lavender scented cleaning products (I make my own up) as they’d litterally be nodding off dusting! Set it up…it works! 🙂 Chamomile essential oil is good too in a diffuser or even mixed with the lavendar if you don’t want to do tea.


  3. We co-sleep (usually) and cradle next to the bed sleep (for one spell a night usually) with Jack and have maattress for the floor for Nina and Luke, but they prefer to crawl in with us! But, I still soemtimes wake so much I cannot get back to sleep.

    I hadn’t thought of the chamomile for the kids. will have to try it. I used to use it myself a lot, but stopped with all herbs and whatnot, more or less, when I got pregnant. I am going to try it – and maybe some lavender essence in their room!

    You are always full of great ideas and comments. Thank you!

  4. Have you tried making the bed bigger? Add a twin and see if the extra room will help you get more sleep. I had a friend who did that too. But she put her mattress’ straight on the floor next to the twin. We tried that when Sunshine was born…but honestly…when you’re exhausted…hauling yourself up OFF the floor just adds a highlight and underline to the exhaustion…we brought back our boxspring and frame. Ahh…it’s easier to slide off the bed in the morning and the fall in it isn’t as far when it’s raised! 😉


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