Posted by: mmstanger | July 10, 2010


Luke and Nina are so attentive to Jack.  As soon as he cries or whimpers, they immediately try to figure out what he is “saying”.  Diaper needs changing?  Hungry?  More often than not, Luke runs for our brest friend pillow and Nina signs “Mama…milk…please”.  At which point, Daddy and Mommy smile, so happy to see their compassion and to see Nina signing.

You see, we did a lot of signing with Luke, but, when Nina came along, and was not as interested in videos as her brother, we did not keep it up.  (Luke loved Signing Time videos.)  Now, it seems, with little brother to care for and teach, Nina has a new found interest in signing — starting with “mama” “milk” and “please”.  Whoo hoo!

We definitely plan to use this interest for us all to start signing again.  And, as such, were excited to see this interview and this contest at OJTA.  We wanted to pass along the information so others can join in the contest, too!  Good luck!



  1. OH MY GOODNESS. He is precious!!!

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