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Nina’s Birthday Celebrations

Nina's favorite gift -- her "chompo" bars!

Today, we posted a Spotlight on Nina over at our homeschooling blog.  I have been meaning to post pics of her third birthday here.  But, June went by so quickly that I never got around to doing it in a timely fashion.  So, one month late, I am finally posting about Nina’s very happy third birthday, which we celebrated with a small extended-family party days before Daddy left for his annual training with the Guard and, then, again, with a little party at Grammy and Grampy’s on Nina’s actual birthday.

Prior to Nina’s extended-family party. I recorded a brief conversation Nina and I had a bout her birthday.  It began when I was trying to put together an idea list for gifts.  So, I found it quite funny that while I was thinking gifts, she was thinking food.  That’s our Nina!

Here are parts of  the conversation we had:

Mommy (M): Nina, what do you want for your birthday?

Nina (N): Sandwiches.

Nina peeling eggs for egg salad as we prepared for her family birthday party -- she wanted sandwiches!

M: What kind of cake?

N: A black cake and a pink cake.

M:  What kind?

N: One little black cake with strawberries.

M: Anything else?

N:  I want a pink cake with this (pointing at the picture of a princess on her nightgown).

M: With a princess?

N: Yay!  With a princess.

M: So, you like princesses now?

N: Yes…I like Gianna. (her cousin who likes princesses)

Nina later changed her mind and said she wanted a big black cake with little, pink, strawberry ice cream cakes. Note the big chunks out of the "black" one. They would be because our little girl decided she needed to sneak into the kitchen to taste it before I had time to ice and decorate it, which we ended up not doing at all.

M: What do you want to drink at your party?

N: Juice!  Yellow juice like at Grammy’s.  Regular juice and Mama juice.”

M: What do you want to decorate with?

N:  The birthday cake…Decorate with my pink one and my juice.  Okay?  (giggle)

(after more chatter)

M: So you don’t want decorations?

N: Yes, I do.  Just blue… Pink ones and blue ones (sung over and over in Nina-song style)  I want pink ones and blue ones.  Yes, I do!

M:  Would you like any gifts?

N:  Nooo…. (Pause)  Yes, I do want gifts.

M:  What kind?

N: Blue and pink (continuing the song).  I want Chompo bars in them! (chocolate bars)  One is gonna be for Luke and one chompo bar is gonna be for me.  Okay?  Okay?  Okay? (very excited)

Before the party, Nina, Luke and Daddy blue up pink and blue balloons, but they all popped before guests arrived. Less disappointing - in fact, oh so joyous for our excited three year old - were "chompo" bar gifts from Mommy, Daddy and Luke, which Nina broke apart, counted out and shared, just as she had said she would. Too sweet!

M:  Do you want any other things?…  Toys? … Craft supplies? … Books?…  Clothes?

N:  Noooo…  I want books and not clothes.  I want just jammies.  I want jammies and clothes.  (Sung and danced and bounced on bed.)

Leave it to Auntie Jenn to find the best gift bag! Nina thoroughly enjoyed opening thd closing the doors of the barn to her the animal sounds weeks after her birthday passed.

(Brief hiatus to sing, dance and talk about baby Jack and ask if he is kicking and when he will come out and if he will come out for her birthday.)

M: What are some things you like to play with?

N:  The dinosaur….and the trains…That’s it.

M: What do you like to do outside?

N: Play, play, play, play, play…  I want to get, ah, what’s it’s called, those little things in my bag… the chocolate things… Downstairs.  The little things and the big things.  I mean at my party.

M: You want chocolate at your party?

N: I want big chocolate and little chocolate…  Ice cream!

Before her birthday, Nina was adamant about what she wanted for a cake - a big black cake and small ice cream pink ones, plus chocolate. It might not be pretty, but it is what she asked for...

M: Who should come?

N: No one.  Just Luke.  (Later)  I just want Grammy and Grampy to come to see me.  Grammy and Grampy can have some of my ice cream… Will that be silly

Nina loved her cake from Grammy and Grampy on her real birthday -- just the perfect size for Grammy, Grampy, Gianna, Luke, Mommy and Birthday Girl!

And so it went…  Nina had some very clear ideas about her birthday and we tried to abide by them.  Later, she helped me think of some good gift wish ideas, which were:

As far as gift ideas if anyone needs any:

-Nina loves to play hairdresser, so a tiny spray bottle, hair brush and comb — her own hairdressing kit

Perfect! Not only did Uncle BJ and family give Nina a little brush and mirror set among their fun gifties, but Grammy found my old hairdressing head in the attic and re-gifted it. Nina has been loving it!

-a real kid/toddler digital camera if they even make them, as Nina (and Luke) are always trying to knick ours.

-a real toddler/kid CD player as the kids’ one broke and Nina loves music

– a bike helmet and pads

– Size 3 One-Piece Swimsuit (or if there is a hand me down coming, that’s great!)

Go, Auntie Jenn and family - not only a fun bag with bathing suit and bubbles, but the bike helmet with princesses on it (in the right corner). Nina got her princesses on her birthday after all.

– Ice Cream/Peaceful Meadows certificates (Nina actually said she wanted ice cream for her birthday.  On the rare occasion we have it in the house, she constantly goes for it and we have PM near us)

Friendly's Customer Appreciation Day took care of the ice cream craving between Nina's two birthday celebrations!

– a huge thing of Bubble Mix (she goes through it like crazy)

Whoo hoo! Among the gift bag from Bj and family was a huge bubble wand, jungle bubbles, grape bubbles -- bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

– Construction Toys like Tinker Toys, Magneetos and K’Nex (We don’t really need more toys in the house, but these are thing Nina would love.

Go, Grammy and Grampy, with the retro toys! My old Tinker Toys, Puzzle Town set and Barbie Head were all just perfect -- and Nina looks forward to her new camera when I finally get to the store to buy it.

– Melissa and Doug stuff, especially a magnet dress up doll  – she loves little things, story felts and magnets, dramatic play, etc.

– an apple to cut ( a toy one), because that’s what she said she wanted

Nina has been loving her M&D cutting food set ever since Grammy showed her how to use it.

Besides that, almost any fun crafting stuff, playdough and accessories, beach stuff, etc. would likely be a hit.

With shovel, water toys, etc. from Uncle BJ and family, swimsuit from Auntie Jenn and family and hat from Grammy and Grampy, Nina is ready for the beach!

So, in the end, we had one chocolate filled, ice cream-filled, happily gifted and visited little three year old!  What a great celebration!

And — bonus — Auntie Jenn, David and company went to work fixing our front stoop and screen door!  So, now, we can all  get into and out of the house much more safely.

Now, that was a gift for Mommy!


  1. That girl is just TOO cute! Loved this blog entry! 🙂

  2. Thank you! We think so, but she is ours so we are a little biased. 🙂

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