Posted by: mmstanger | June 29, 2010

Just One Thing Challenge

Order in the HomeToday, I am grateful for the inspiration of others to help me focus on creating Order in the Home and for the practical help family, friends and strangers alike provide towards this end.  I am thankful for Mom and Dad for coming over to watch the kids and help with tasks I could not handle myself,while  pregnant without my husband at home for weeks recently; for my friend Joanne, who graciously took my kids for a day so I could locate, wash and put away baby clothes in case Baby comes earlier than planned; for husband Dale, who volunteered to come put in my window A/C’s when he learned I was melting at home awaiting my husband’s return from the Guard before getting cool again; and, also, for so many others, including Jennifer Schwilling, whose Just One Thing Challenge got me motivated to keep moving…

Yep, I joined the Just One Thing Challenge at Mom’s No Chaos Zone a week ago Saturday after hearing about it that very day.  I was 19 days late in joining, but, “better late than never” as the saying goes.  I simply had to make it the “Just Two Things (or More!) Challenge” for myself.  Anything to encourage by waning ability to get our home in better order as my waxing belly tell me that I need to rev up de-cluttering, prepping for baby and organizing all things pronto, despite bad ligament pain and some early contractions.

So, the first assignment was simply to list some “tolerances”.

What are “tolerances”?  Well, as explained in the Just One Thing Challenge Getting Started Guide, “Tolerances are those little annoying things you deal with from day to day that irritate you somewhat but not enough to actually *do* something about them. In other words, they are procrastinated to-do’s…”  As directed, I began listing such things, only to realize that the precious time I was using to make the list was time I did not have.  The kids have been fighting sleep more and more lately as the sun sets later and later, and my legs are giving out earlier and earlier each day.  Whatever time I have must be went doing “list type” items, not noting them down on paper.  So, I adjusted the assignment.

As I did chores, looked after Luke and Nina and attended to other sundry aspects of my day, I made a mental “Tolerance”  list instead of a written one.  I figured this was fine since, truth be told, I have enough to-do lists hanging about that I do not need to make an additional one specifically for this challenge.  And, many of my tolerances (which are becoming increasingly intolerable, are very much in plain sight.  No list was needed to remind me of them!

gratituesdayTomorrow (if all goes well), I will post my Week One review.  In the meantime, if you are interested in the Challenge documents, even though the Challenge is winding down, go to this link and sign up.  You can access them there.  And, be sure to check out what others are grateful for today by clicking on the Gratituesday links at Heavenly Homemakers.

Also, as always, please note that clicking the keyword links below could take you anywhere.  For more in this blog, click the ones under “Categories” to the right.  And, please leave comments, if inspired.  They make my day!



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