Posted by: mmstanger | May 27, 2010

Our First Yard Sale!

Today, I am grateful for good weekend weather, Mum and Dad’s offer to watch the kids on Saturday and some friendly local folk.  Why?

Because: Yay! We did it!  We finally did it!  We successfully completed our first family yard sale this past weekend. (Mike had never done a yard sale before and my last one was about a decade ago.)  So, how’d it go?


For Mike and me, the main rewards were simply working together to actually hold the yard sale we have been talking about doing for so long and clearing some clutter out of our home.  But, as we know most folks judge the success of a yard sale on financial gain and so I will say ours was satisfactory.

Since our main goal was not simply making money, but also clearing clutter, working together and creating spacer, we priced things very cheaply.  Some might say too inexpensively.  So, looking back, we realize we likely could have made a bit more profit. items.  (Case in point:  Honest me told a lady that a stuffed toy she was trying to give me $1 for was only 25¢.  I just couldn’t accept more for that old Tweetie, especially since I had a sign out saying all stuffies were a mere quarter!  And the person who bought an old wooden bureau was heard to say what a bargian it was…)  Even still, the quarters and singles add up and we counted up the profits at a few cents under $150 for Day 1 and $45.50 for Day 2.  (Many of our big items – furniture, etc. – were already gone on Day 2, plus it was very overcast and threatening to rain early in the day and quite hot later in the day.  So, although the second day was a bit “not worth the effort”, earning but 1/3 of the day prior’s total was understandable.)  So, all told, we feel our gain wasn’t bad for two days work: nearly $200, less clutter and more space! (And, as of last night, God’s way of helping us pay for Mike’s car repairs.  His car suddenly would not start as he went to commute home last night.  Ugh!)


How much less clutter?  Well, if we kept our notes right, we were able to add 195 (give or take) items to our Thousand Things Thursday quest, So:

769-195=574  Books, clothes, toys, household items, electronics, sundry surplus Whoo hoo!  Thank you, Lord!  Our unwanted surplus became other folks’ steals.  May all our customers enjoy their purchases, but none be plagued with the clutter-bug that bit us for far too long!

And, the extras?  Well, we debated having a second yard sale later in the season, and knew that if we were going to do so we should keep all our leftover stuff, since larger yard sales seem to draw more customers in our area.  But, since our primary goal right now is creating order, we decided no second yard sale this year. Some extra items have been posted on Craig’s List for the week and, then, will be Freecycled or donated.  Some have already been donated.

So, adding to the Thousand Things Thursday tally:

574-54=524 Thank you, Lord, for charitable organizations like Hands Across the Water that get old textbooks and other books into the hands of readers who can benefit from them.

524- 25=499 Thank you, Lord, for the stuffed toys that have been enjoyed and passed on.  May those who receive them from the charity enjoy them.

Order in the HomeAnd, so – hoorah! – our Thousand Things goal is over half-way to being met at last.  And the purge continues…  I could not be more thankful for this tangible step toward Order in the Home.  Nor, could I be happier in the way God provides.  I was already pleased with the “profits” from our yard sale in the way of less clutter, more space, Mike and I accomplishing a goal, etc.  Now, I am also realizing the financial gain we made might have been there to act as a buffer for the news that unexpected car repairs are necessary.  Tangible answers to many, many prayers

To see what others are thankful for this Thursday, please head on over to the links at Women Taking a Stand.



  1. Great job! Sounds awesome….

  2. That was God’s timeing working again! You didn’t know you needed the money, but He sure did! Your goal of decluttering is a great one. I have been having that goal along with a few others for a little while now. I am working slowly on it, but still working. Have a blessed week!!!!

  3. May God continue to bless you.

  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.


  5. That’s awesome! You worked towards your goal and made serious headway. Keep it up, 🙂

  6. Yard sales are hard work! And yes, it is hard to know how much you can get for an item. At some sales, I think I over priced items while at others I underpriced them. Oh well! Away with the clutter! …. the fact you had time alone with hubby and made some profit is an added bonus.

  7. hello. God bless!

  8. Woohoo! I know how difficult setting up a yard sale can be.

    Have a great weekend!

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