Posted by: mmstanger | May 26, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Fun in a Freecycle Sandbox

What works for me this Wednesday (and all week for that matter)?  Sensory fun in an old freecycled sandbox!

More than a year ago, we got one of those green plastic, covered sandboxes off  freecycler.  In the fall we spent hours playing in it, exploring vast collections of acorns and caps, pine needles, sticks, dry leaves, etc.  But, over the past few months, it hadn’t been getting as much use.  All that changed this week.

Sunny days have begged increased outdoor time.  Yet, an unusual spike in temperatures has made such time a bit uncomfortable for this third-trimester pregnant Mama.  In comes the “sandbox” – a Godsend, both for cooling us all off and for ensuring the kids’ sensory experiences are attended to while I do tasks like hanging laundry and tidying the yard.

On our homeschooling blog, I wrote up our “spring snow” fun.  Since then, as the kids have been amusing themselves by knicking ice cube trays from the freezer to play with, we have also filled the sandbox with water and splashed ice cubes into it, playing with the cubes afterward to explore how they sink, float, melt and, of course, keep us cool!  This was so much fun, we are now freezing “ice bricks” to explore…

As we explore, I find new,  “cool” (both literal and figurative) ideas keep popping into my head…  It seems the possibilities for sensory fun with one freecycle sandbox, one hot, pregnant Mama and two busy kids are plentiful!

If you have any to add, I would love to hear yours.  So, I encourage you to comment.

works for me wednesday at we are that familyAlso, to read about what works for others, please visit the links at We Are THAT Family.  And, as always, if you want to dive into Wonder and Will a bit more, simply use the links under Categories to the right, not the ones below (which could lead you elsewhere…)

Have a beautiful day!



  1. I will be on the look out for one of these sandboxes

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