Posted by: mmstanger | May 25, 2010

Gratituesday: Drama Kids!

“I wonder, will I make it through this season?” I thought more than once this spring.

Yes, it has been a very busy time of year for me between my regular roles as Wife, Mom and Homemaker and an additional one as Supplementary Bread Winner.  Indeed, my spring work contracts with Club Z, Explo, Drama Kids and Typing all seemed to pile up on me this year, sometimes weighing the whole family down.  At times, I felt overwhelmed trying to do an adequate job with each commitment.  And, too often, as Mike and I exchanged a brief  hello and goodbye at the door, passing the kids off when he came home from work and I left for work, I wondered if it all was worth it.  But, always, I tried to remain grateful simply to have the opportunity to work — and to work in fields that God has granted me experience and talents for.

Now, as my spring season of ultra-busyness winds down, I can finally breathe and truly give thanks for the opportunities I have had to share time and talent with kids, as well as to make a few bucks for my family.  The families I tutored for were delightful this year and my Explo work, though time consuming, was productive and worthwhile.  And, as for my Drama Kids work:  “Ahhh, it came together!” I can finally utter.

Truly, I enjoy working for Drama Kids.  The local franchise owner – Janet – is an amazing woman who is equally as great to work with as she is inspiring to know.  And, week-to-week creative dramatic activities with students can be such fun, not to mention a great change-of-pace from whatever has been going on at home!  But, this year, between simply balancing other additional contracts with regular life roles, plus a few bumps in the road as far as some of my students went, I sometimes found my Drama Kids work exhausting and challenging.  And – yikes – the final session of the year was a bit scary as we headed into the last classes before performance with pieces that still seemed so “in-progress” and anything but polished.  Indeed, during our final rehearsals, blocking was off, lines were dropped and it was all I could do to muster positive encouragement for the students at the end of classes.

But,  “all’s well that ends well,” and, “the show must go on,” folks say.  And, both of these adages proved true last Thursday night!  Our shows did go on, despite my anxiety over how they might turn out, and the season ended beautifully.  Janet and family, along with a terrific colleague, Heather, did their magic with set, sound and production details.  Parents, family members and friends of students came eager to enjoy.  And, the students themselves — bless each one of them — shined with the energy, smiles and skills they had displayed earlier in the year, but had hidden from me at times in the last weeks of the season.  Yes, even with a “fed” line here and there, all came together with success and fun for of both my classes’ shows.  Students beamed.  Parents were proud.  I was thrilled!  And, Luke and Nina – who Mike took to see “Mama’s shows” – delighted in the plays.  (Indeed, Luke has been asking ever since when he can be a Drama Kid.)

Truly, Drama Kids is a quality program both to work for and to participate in.  Unlike so many drama-based programs, it is progress-not-performance based.  It is more about learning life skills, confidence and speaking through the vehicle of fun creative dramatics activities than it is about anything else.  Usually, I remember this and thoroughly enjoy being a part of helping students to grow.  This year, however, as performance time loomed, I let my theater-driven past color my thoughts at times.  How the performance would go worried me.  It should not have.  I should have remained confident in the program, the kids and my own teaching.  Silly me!  All that concern for nothing.

The kids were dynamic.  Drama Kids rocks!  And, God proved once again, “Do not worry…”

I am so grateful to have opportunities to work with programs like Drama Kids.  It brings smiles like these:

Ones shared with a student who came into the program late, yet still progressed from being a child who was too shy to speak audibly in front of classmates to someone who talked and danced on stage in front of an audience and, then, ran to me with her Mom after the performance to offer hugs and thanks.  That is what Drama Kids is about!  I am so grateful to be a part of it.

What are you grateful for today?  Share with others by linking up for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers.  And, if you have a love for drama, be sure to look into the Drama Kids franchise in your area to enroll your children or begin some fun part-time contract work yourself.

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