Posted by: mmstanger | May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday and Thousand Thing Thursdays: Seeds of Change

I have been starting-and-stopping on my Order in the Home quest for some time and on my Thousand Things Thursdays commitment for even longer.  Well, seeds of change are in the air…  The stopping is happening less often and the small steps continue.  I could not be more grateful to my parents who gave me the kick start I needed again, my husband who supports me, the kids for cooperating by allowing me pockets of time here and there to keep going, and the weather, for warming up an giving us some spirit-lifting outdoor breaks for play and walks.  Plus, of course, I am grateful to God for answering my prayer for the will and discipline to do as I feel he wants me to do: to create better order in our home and less clutter (literal and figurative) in our lives.

So, the top did-do’s this past week of  Order in the Home:Order in the Home

  • I have been able to keep our bedroom fairly tidy since my great Mother’s Day Gift weekend.
  • We have been re-instilling the habit of ten minute tidies in the kids.
  • I have stolen minutes down in the basement all week and am making slow but steady progress there.
  • We are prepping for a big clutter clean out yard sale this weekend.

And for Thousand Thing Thursdays.  I posted last that I was at 889.  Since then, I was keeping a paper list, since I had been neglecting to post my progress.  But, in a paper clutter clean out frenzy, that list went to the local Paper Retriever box.   So, I am just starting at 889 and subtracting what I know left the house in the past couple weeks:

  • 889-8= 881     Thank you, God, for granting me time to purge 8 bags of paper clutter and for making ways to recycle it so convenient.  I love that I can help the local schools by dropping our paper at their collection bins.
  • 881-3=778   Thank you, Lord, for granting me time to shred 3 trashcans worth of no-longer-needed documents to feed our compost pile with.  It feels good to know our secure information will now be going to the bugs and worms, and, once there is Order in our Home, into one of my next quests: Greening Our Thumbs by Gardening!
  • 778-2=776  Thank you, Lord, for giving us clothes to wear and to share.  I appreciated realizing our abundance as I donated 2 more bags of clothes to charity.
  • 776-2=774   Coats on our backs.  Easier loads to carry.  We are blessed by both, God.  Thank you.  And, thank you for helping me realize we didn’t need all our things for these.  It felt great to donate a big coat and useful backpack, too.
  • 774-5=769  Thank you, God, for inspiring our Gift of Reading Bags.  We enjoyed sharing five books this way.
  • 769-3+3=769   We cannot count the books we swapped at Paper Back Swap, as we were blessed to receive some “on our list” in return right away.  But, I wanted to thank you, Lord, for providing for our wants and desires so well through simple things like Paper Back Swap.

We hope to be adding a lot to this countdown after our yard sale this weekend.  Wish us luck! And continued growth as the seeds of change are sown in our home.

And, to see what others are thankful for this week, please be sure to visit the links at Women Taking a Stand.

As always, remember:  if you want to read other posts i this blog, use the links under categories on the right, not the ones below.



  1. Nice post.

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