Posted by: mmstanger | May 18, 2010

Gratituesday and Time Out Tuesday: Daddy Time!


Prior to this past weekend, I had scratched on the calendar “yard sale prep” and “home organization/clean up”.  But, as things turned out, I should have simply written “Daddy Time!”  For that is what the kids enjoyed almost all weekend (and me, too), even if not a lot of penciled-in work got done.  Thus, this Tuesday, as I look back at the weekend, I realize not only is it something I am very grateful for, but that it was almost an entire weekend of “time out” to relish life’s simple blessings –  family, sunshine, local parks and playgrounds… It was how life is meant to be, not how I planned my weekend to-do‘s.

...a boo!

Yes, I knew it was time to revamp the weekend focus when Luke asked me Friday afternoon, “Mommy, will Daddy be home in the morning?”  To which, I replied, “Yes.  He doesn’t have to work or go to drill.”  Then, he asked, “Will he be home all the day?”  At which point I realized that Luke was wondering if we had other commitments or plans that would require Daddy to go out, or Mommy and Daddy to play “pass off” with the kids.  “Yes, Luke.  He will be home all weekend to spend time with you.”  Huge smile from Luke.  Big realization for me:  Focus on family this weekend.

And so it was that Friday night we had family movie night – air popped popcorn and a “Land Before Time” DVD  all snuggled together in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.  A simple thing, but such a treat.  It is not often lately that we are all home together, without commitments, on any given evening to do something like this.  And, the kids love when we let them watch videos, as we generally have a little-screentime home.

Luke, roaring, so excited to be at "The Dinosaur Playground"

"Want to buy some woodchips?" says Nina the Entrepreneur

Then, Saturday, instead of attacking the basement as planned, I wove some computer work I had to do into family time.  We all went to a playground that Luke and Nina love, and that Luke has been requesting to go to again for a while.  Once there, while I tapped away at the computer keys at one of the picnic tables, Mike and the kids romped all over the playground.  Then, “enough” work done, I joined them.  The hour or so we planned to be at the playground tripled!

That evening, Luke and Daddy made camp in the yard.  This was something Luke had been talking about all week:  “Daddy and I are going to camp…  Nina, too…  Mommy, you can’t.  Your belly’s too big…  We’re going to have a campfire…”  “Campfire” in the backyard.  Tent in the front.  Nina and Luke enjoyed roasting marshmallows and playing in the tent.  Then, Luke slept like a champ, while Daddy managed a few winks.

Sunday, after Mass punctuated by lots of “I luvfs you”s and “I lovf Baby Jack”  from Nina, we went to a nearby park where Daddy and the kids climbed an old stone foundation, threw rocks into the river, played hide and seek and enjoyed the sunshine while I got a little more computer work done.

Later that the afternoon, while I actually attended to some of the originally slated tasks for the weekend – the basement – Mike and the kids went back to “The Dinosaur Playground”.

Between it all, we had back porch picnics, front yard al fresco snacks and lots of time in the sunshine in the yard.  Plus, Mike got in a run — something he has been wanting to do, which is important “just-Daddy” personal well-being time.

Looking back, it was a weekend filled with simply yet so important moments. So much Daddy time that the kids treasured and I am thankful for.

time out tuesdaygratituesdayIf you had a wonderful “Time Out”  — an hour, morning, afternoon or entire day of simply relishing life’s little blessings in the past week, I would love to hear about it in a comment.  To see what others are grateful for today, please visit the links at Heavenly Homemakers.

PS  I am honored to have been requested to join the team of “Sensational Mamas” posting at the new site, OJTA Sensational Homeschooling, a sister site to OUR Journey THRU Autism with an emphasis on homeschooling children with Sensory Processing Disorder and other glitches like Auditory Processing Disorder, ADD/ADHD, fine motor delays, etc.  You can check out my intro post here and my first activity post here.  I will likely be posting something monthly, on or around the 15th.

As always, if you want to access related posts in this blog, click on the categories in the right column not on the links below.  WordPress quirk I cannot figure out…


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