Posted by: mmstanger | May 8, 2010

Mom in Six Words

I came across a blog carnival today that I loved the concept of:

The idea is that once asked to write a full story in six words, legend has it that novelist Ernest Hemingway responded, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”  And, so the challenge is to write about your own mother in six words.  Not an easy task for many – even more difficult for me, who is usually so verbose.  But, not impossible.  When I think about my mom, I think:

Always there to serve with love!

(In this picture, she is helping Papa, who came from PA to meet his newest grandson 4+ years ago, an opportunity to love and hug our little bundle — bringing generations of love and family-by-marriage together.  Might I add that it is not easy to find a picture of my mom as she is often the one quietly remembering to record memories for us at family functions or is so busy, busy, busy serving all that she isn’t in those “photo moments”.)

Indeed, I can think of no other person who serves so humbly and loves so abundantly and unconditionally.  As I raise my children, I can only pray that one day they will feel somewhat the same about me.

As I look back at when our eldest – who was my mother’s 9th grandchild – was born and how my Mom simply stopped her world to help me adjust to mine for that entire week, I am amazed.  As I look ahead to our third child’s birth, and how Mum continues to help and support in so many ways – from offering child care to simply listening – I am grateful.

In high school for various reasons, I used to say my mom should be sainted one day.  Now, I recognize she needs no official saint title.  She so often offers the hands, words and “here-to-serve” love to me (and others!), I have no doubt she will one day be radiant one day in Heaven – saint’s title or none – just as she is to us here with her smile and love.  (Still, for my own selfish reasons, I pray that day is far, far away!)

And so it is, I honor my mother today by joining the blog carnival at Grown in My Heart. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  We are all so blessed to have you and so glad you are always there to serve with love!


  1. I’m so glad you found GIMH. Hope you will visit regularly…and spread the word. Thansk for participating!

  2. Oh I love it…there is just something about seeing a mom become a grandma…even if it is for the 9th time!! SO sweet!!

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