Posted by: mmstanger | May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Mr. and Mrs. Independence

Okay, so I am not ready for this yet:

especially considering how Luke drives the kids’ quad around my folks’ yard!

And, I sometimes get a little frustrated with this:

Yes, that is Miss Nina chowing down on a breakfast she snuck to the kitchen and fixed for herself the other day — “special glass” from a high shelf, bread from a bag in the fridge and all.  Cute, indeed – especially as little Nina was so proud of herself.  But, also with echoes of danger and naughtiness – climbing on shelves, handling stemmed glasses from cupboards, going in the fridge without asking…  And all while Mommy was doing a simple chore!

But, I will never be unhappy about the kids’ growing independence.  Indeed, I am grateful for it!  What a blessing it is to witness the kids not only developing their own distinct personalities, but also becoming more and more capable as the little individauls they are.  From playtime ideas, to simple chores around the house, to self-care, to helping and “teaching” one another, to you-name-it, Luke and Nina are blossoming into such self-sufficient little people at times! 

Yet, they still seek big cuddles and kisses, lots of Mommy and Daddy time and help and guidance, too.

What a precious stage of life they are at.

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  1. God bless your precious children.

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