Posted by: mmstanger | May 4, 2010

Gratituesday and Time Out Tuesday: Family Time with Bright Eyes, Big Smiles and Bigger Kicks

Mike and Luke at White Horse

The water was frigid, but hearts were warm...

This past weekend, for the first time in a long time, we had family time all weekend – no outside commitments, just a blend of beach time, outdoor play in the yard, home organization and chore time, back porch picnics, faith formation games and activities, story times… and even time for Mommy and Daddy to chat a little bit once the kids were asleep (albeit however late they fell asleep) – which is a rare treat, as on most nights, one of us usually is out or up working or passed out after a long day while awaiting the kids finally falling asleep.

So it is that today as I take time out to think about a moment I am grateful for, I think about…

 bright eyes

big smiles

and bigger kicks! 

Yes, it seems Baby-to-Be is a book lover, too.  He got moving and kicking so hard as I read to Luke and Nina that the book jumped up from my belly, where it was propped.  And, then, the kids had loads of giggles as they talked and sang to Baby to get him to move again…  And, of course, prayed for him — “God, please let him come out soon…” While Mommy and Daddy reminded, “Not yet, though.  Not too soon…” 

gratituesdayTo see what others are grateful for this week, I invite you to check out the links at Heavenly Homemakers.

 And, if you have your own Time Out Tuesday reflection to share – a moment, hour, afternoon or entire day you spent this past week just enjoying and appreciating life’s gifts, please leave a comment.  I am so inspired by  hearing about such simple graces!

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