Posted by: mmstanger | April 28, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: A Visit to Nana and Papa’s

Despite too many episodes of car sickness on the way to and from Nana and Papa’s last week, we enjoyed our visit there.

The kids loved sitting with Papa in the kitchen, devouring junk food and crackers with cream cheese.

We enjoyed visiting Nana, and Luke and Nina proudly pushed Nana about her nursing home and did art for her while we were there.

We all appreciated visits from Uncle Craig, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Bobby, Auntie Diane and Baby Rowan – with the kids excited to rough play with Uncle Bobby…





…and to play with and help feed second cousin, Baby Rowan.

Plus, active playground time and quieter moments at Papa’s rounded out the bright (and often tired) eye smiles. 

 We are truly blessed to have family to love and share time with.  If only we could see them without bouts of car sickness.  Yep, the ride home was less than tidy, too.  Still, it was worth it!  Family is such a precious blessing.


  1. Wow – they look like they had a blast!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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