Posted by: mmstanger | March 6, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – Make that Saturday (Vol. 5): A Snapshot of Where Does a Week Go


7 Quick TakesOkay, obviously, as I am late posting my 7 Quick Takes again, I am not sure where my week went.  Here goes my 7 Quick Takes Friday Saturday as I try to figure that out: 


Sunday: Ahh, broken washing machines! Hubby was away on a business trip. Washing machine, unbenounced to me, was suddenly broken and running water to “fill” the tub for 3+ hours, including the time we were out at Mass. So, ah, yes, that is where Sunday went — to basement flooding control. Ah, the joy! And, $80, plus one-and-a-half soggy days later, we have a working washer again, thanks to a fix I might have figured out myself with a little more kid-free concentration. (Not that I am complaining. I am blessed to be able to be with my children for so many hours each day!)


Monday: Work, “feeding” the kids’ Luke’s developing “Sensory Diet” and a visit from Mom and Gianna – so I could get to the aforementioned soggy basement for some post-disaster cleaned up abit more.  That’s where Monday went.  Pauses to appreciate the blessing of cousin-friends as well as the generous time of my mom certainly made the day easier to get through!

Luke, shaving cream play

Luke enjoys some sensory play with shaving cream...


Tuesday: O.T., grocery shopping, library story hour, time outdoors with our Chinese neighbors and work-work-work, both paid and at home, and so went Tuesday. I am blessed to live such varied, enriching and – okay – exhausting days!



Wednesday: Home learning and chores, errands, work and the blessing of moments taken for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Is that really how a day can pass so quickly. Busyness and business make the minutes march by and prayerfully reflecting on transgressions, aiming to eradicate them and knowing I am forgiven for them makes life that much better!

sleeping in the top bunk

Busy days lead to blissful sleep -- the kids actually got to sleep without a parent by their sides, even if they did end up crawling in together to slumber.


Thursday: And some days just get lost in the shuffle… I know I tutored, taught drama and did Explo work — and had some more sensory fun with the kids, but, honestly, Mommy brain fails to recall much of this past Thursday. My cleansed heart from Wednesday night’s confession did not carry over to cleansed mind, I guess. Continue to strengthen me, God!


Friday: A family day! Mike took the day off as he’s been working for weeks straight. So, I was able to do a few uninterrupted tasks in the morning while he watched the kids and was amused by the elaborate library and book drop they set up and played in. Then, we headed off to Luke’s O.T. and onto a blustery stop by an oceanside playground, before storytime in the car watching waves crash against the shore and an afternoon enjoying watching cousin G. Jenn made us a delicious Fish Friday dinner, with me making some sides, which we enjoyed in a rare moment of sister-and-families time. And, what a relief to come home without worrying about dinner as we tucked the kids in and I got to some more work.

A Princess Tea Party in cousin G's room...


Saturday: It’s sunny and warm outside so why am I “wasting time” blogging? Not sure! Perhaps I have just missed time for writing this week, however inconsequential this post is. But, now it is time to go enjoy the sunshine with the kiddos outside. Ta-ta!

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As always, comments are welcome and appreciated! 🙂

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