Posted by: mmstanger | February 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 4): By My 5 — okay, 7 — P’s

7 Quck TakesSo, here I am posting my 7 Quick Takes Friday, hosted at Conversion Diary, where you can find links to other’s 7 Takes, at the 11th hour, literally… (At least I am not doing so on Sunday like last week!)   But, frankly, I am just thrilled to have a moment to do so with the kids snuggled asleep in bed and all of my other commitments for the day fulfilled — at last.  You see, Lenten promises, a winter bug in the family and work-work-work have kept me from posting much of anything this week, so just having a moment to do this post is a true treat for me…  (Sorry I was not very attached to my camera this week, so not fun pics to include like in week’s prior.)

Anyway, here’s what’s on my mind this week, by roles I play in life:


Person of Prayer: I have caught up on my daily readings again and am so happy that I did. I found many gems in the past week or two of them. It continually amazes me how relevant the Word is to me today, so long after it was written. So often, it seems like God is answering a question, sending me comfort or placing a thought in my head at just the right time with each day’s readings. It’s amazing – and one of those miracles that confirms for me that the Word is inspired no matter what skeptics say. For example, today I was feeling a bit down on myself about the times I have already failed to keep my personal Lenten promises. Then, I read in Ez 18:21-28 :

Thus says the Lord GOD: If the wicked man turns away from all the sins he committed, if he keeps all my statutes and does what is right and just, he shall surely live, he shall not die. None of the crimes he committed shall be remembered against him; he shall live because of the virtue he has practiced. Do I indeed derive any pleasure from the death of the wicked? says the Lord GOD. Do I not rather rejoice when he turns from his evil way that he may live?

What an encouragement to simply reconcile myself with God and start anew.


Person who is a Person: To help wind down my brain from tutoring, teaching drama and mentoring curriculum planning some nights this week, I have begun reading a few pages at night in bed before turning out the light. I had forgotten what a simple pleasure this bedtime routine can be! The kids get bedtime stories every night, why not Mama, too?


Partner (Wife): Mike and I have not seen much of each other this week between his work schedule and mine – mostly we’ve just been playing pass-off with the kids as he walks in and I walk out the door. It’s not ideal and certainly not the best for maintaining and building our relationship… And it’s not getting any better with him in SC for the weekend with work. But, it is real life and we do what we can within the circumstances we are in right now. Luckily, one thing we can – and do – do is realize that we are meant for each other:  Exhaustion. Frustrations. Miscommunications. Lack of time. Nothing can permanently detract from the gift God gave us through our marriage union.


Parent: Tonight, as I put the kids to bed, they both put their hands on my belly wanting to feel Jack. Having each cuddled up on either side of me, snug and warm, with their small hands reaching out with such great love to their yet-to-born brother made every frustration I had with them this week seem so trivial. Better still, was when they, almost simultaneously, scooted down to kiss the baby through my belly, declaring love and telling Jack they want him to come out to see them soon. Oh such a moment of love and joy!


Provider of Healthy Meals: Okay, so I have already been trying to get away from cereal, but thought that the “healthy” and “organic” cereals I sometimes buy when they are on sale were at least an okay alternative on morning swhen we need a quick fix. Then, I read a post at Naturally Knocked Up  that made me want to toss the couple boxes I had left  in the house out (and made me far less aggravated when the kids climbed up to the cupboard to sneak their own cereal snack and ended up spilling organic chocolate crisps all over the floor.) So, this coming week, I am on a mission to go the entire week without cereal as a back-up breakfast menu. I am thinking of declaring Crockpot Breakfast Week and hoping to post recipes on my menu Plan Monday post by Monday night.  Anyone have a good one?  Do share!


Provider of Homemaking: My Order in the Home quest is moving along again slowly but surely. And, although I have brought as much into the house (hand-me-downs, etc.) as I have purged from it this week, sort of negating progress on my Thousand Things Thursdays (which I have to update one of these Thursdays), I am still progressing with the decluttering. And, I have decided to give myself a short term goal with 40 bags in 40 Days: a challenge to get rid of one bag of excess for each day of Lent. Since I am starting late, I have some catching up to do, but so far I am at sic with one bag of unnecessary files to a local school’s Paper Retriever bin, two bags of unneeded clothes to the St Vincent de Paul bins, one bag of clothes to cousins, one box spring to a freecycler and one toddler-to-twin bed to someone from Craig’s List.


Provider of Financial Stewardship: Progress not perfection, right? I continue to try to get our financial paperwork in better order and to solidify a true budget, while being ever frugal with our spending and always mindful of ways I can help us make some money before Jack comes and demands much of my time and energy. Thus, I have taken on yet another temporary assignment – another Instructor to mentor for Explo. And, I am hardly complaining about this. While sometimes I could do with more sleep at night, rather than staying up after tutoring, teaching drama or attending to home stuff to guide curriculum planning, I am grateful for all of my income-generating pursuits. God granted me gifts that I am using to help kids and families. What is better than that? And, I am able to do so, more or less, around my own commitments to Mike, Luke and Nina. There’s always a way…

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