Posted by: mmstanger | February 21, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (on Sunday) (Vol. 3)

7 Quck TakesI have enjoyed doing 7 Quick Takes , kindly hosted at Conversion Diary, for the past two weeks, but found this week that doing it “on time” would have made me break my Lenten “fasting” promise.  So, forgive me for being late.  Here are my 7 Quick Takes Friday on Sunday:


Pray!  Fast!  Give!  These are the “key words” of Lent for young and old alike.  This year, I am fasting from blogging and doing “recreational” things online prior to attending to my other tasks and duties, such as doing special activities with Luke and Nina, attending to paid work duties, doing regular chores and making daily headway on home organization.  Obviously, from my lack of posts this week and near nil presence on Facebook,in sticking to my Lenten fast promise I am finding there’s little time left most days to actually enjoy blogging!


a Valentine's package

Perfect Timing!  As the kids and I sat down for post-lunch storytime one day last week, the doorbell rang.  It was the postman delivering a package for Valentine’s Day from the Luke’s godmommy, Auntie Kathy.  What fund they had snuggling up to read and play with the pop-up books she sent and what perfect timing.


St Valentine's Day Breakfast

Pancake Week!  As Valentine’s Day fell on a weekend this year, Mike was able to enjoy Saint Valentine’s Tea with us.  As a family, we decided to make it a breakfast one.  We decorated the table with a table cloth and cranberry glass dishware passed onto us from Nana, plus a heart-decorated votive candle and out St. Valentine, Love Is and other Valentine’s Day books.  Then, after prayer and a reading from one of the books, we thoroughly enjoyed heart-shaped pancakes, chocolate topping, maple syrup, whipped topping, berries, strawberry tea, fresh-squeezed juice, and chocolate milk.  It was a lovely tea…. And so yummy, we decided to make our Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday dinner almost identical, except this time, we decided to make bunny-shaped pancakes, reminding the children that we wouldn’t be seeing much of sweets nor bunnies for the next six weeks as we prepared our home and hearts for Easter through observing Lent. 



A Clean Stairwell!  And speaking of preparing hearts and homes, I certainly had a happy heart and a bit clearer of a home last weekend after attacking a part of our home that is behind a closed door, but has been driving me crazy.  While Mike entertained Luke and Nina, I jump-started my Order in the Home kick again but clearing and cleaning our stairwell.  No more cardboard stacked up ready for recycling.  No more old mouse traps (We think we finally conquered the little guys!)  Now more cobwebs on the ceiling, nor disgusting bits, crumbs and leftover droppings on the rugged steps.  Even wiped down the door, door jams, walls and all.  A clear, clean passageway at last.  When we finsih our big de-clutter, I hope to actually repaint and decorate it, but, literally, one step at a time…


From Disaster to Dinner!  Mike and my anniversary was this past Friday.  He was none to thrilled to come home early from work to surprise me only to find a surprise for himself – a disaster of a home.  I had spent much of the day moving and dragging bed parts, beddings, books, playthings and other such items from the kids’ room to the hall, kitchen, living room and our room in order to make enough space to clean and prepare to put up the bunks my sister-in-law Karen, nephew Devin (bless them both) and Mike had weighed themselves down getting the prior Wednesday.  After the initial shock with the unwelcome state of our home wore off, Mike, the kids and I worked to put the bunks up so the kids would have a place to sleep while Mom came to watch them so Mike and I could enjoy a very rare treat – dinner alone.  What  a tasty meal we had with our 2-for-1 coupon at Siam Cuisine.  Mmm.  Mmm.


Bunk Beds.  And whoever knew bunk beds could be so much fun?  Luke and Nina have not stopped playing on theirs since they went up.  A fort.  A cave.  A clubhouse.  A boat.  A jungle gym.  A constant source of entertainment  Their new-to-us bunks are the best!


Jack!  And, saving the best for last:  It’s a boy!  Nina cried and whined when we had my utlrasound this past Wednesday and still is holding out for baby Gemma, while Luke danced and sung about his wish coming true – a brother!  We are being blessed with another little boy come July, it seems.  What fun. 🙂



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