Posted by: mmstanger | February 16, 2010

Gratituesday: Tradition

Five years ago this week, we commited to one another in the traditions of our faith while I wore Mom's wedding gown...

After a long weekend with Mike and the kids, being just a day away from the beginning of Lent and heading into Mike and my anniversary week, I can think of many things to be grateful for – everything from something as simple having breakfast in the living room as a family the other day so the kids could enjoy spying birds at the feeder… to something as grand as Jesus’ great gift to us all when he suffered, died and rose again to save us… to something as warm to recall as wearing Mom’s homemade wedding dress as I said “I do” to Mike five years ago.  And, with all such things in mind, an overriding theme seems apparant as I count my blessings this week:  tradition.

From simple family rituals like meals together… to rich faith-filled beliefs and practises like prayer, fasting and giving during Lent… to cherished items handed down, such as Mom’s wedding dress, tradition is something I value.  It grounds me at times.  It helps me soar at others.  It inspires me, warms me and enriches my life.  And, for it, I am very grateful. 

God certainly created order and rhythm when He created our world.  In doing so, I think He must have had the comfort and inspiration that tradition would provide so many of us in mind.  So, today, I encourage all, as you look to the days and weeks ahead, while recalling those past, recognize traditions — old and new — and sing praises to God for them.

Be blessed.  And, to enjoy more folks’ Gratituesday thoughts, please see the links at Heavenly Homemakers.

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