Posted by: mmstanger | February 12, 2010

7 Quick takes (Vol. 2)

7 Quck TakesI enjoyed 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary last week as a way to reflect upon and share random thoughts and highlights of the week, so I am doing it again this week.


Snow!  The towns and cities of MA panicked early, closing schools and government offices before a flake ever fell and even giving out parking tickets for parking on streets during a “snow emergency” when we were actually getting rain.  Then, when the snow did arrive, they re-opened schools and offices.  Go figure!  And praise God the kids are not in public schools so we could enjoy the real snow day!  Luke and Nina had fun at their friend Ella’s making a couple sled runs and then painting snow angels with colored water in spray bottles.  The simple pleasures of a warm, snowy, wintry day.  I am not sure which was more beautiful:  the sparkle and smiles of the kids or the snow glistening on tree branches.


Paperwork!  When, oh when, will I learn?  After Luke was born, I let loads pile up, which took me until after Nina was born to get through. I swore I would never do it again.  Teach me to swear, because I did.  And, I am paying the price now.  What could have been attended to and filed in five minutes a day or ten to twenty minutes a week has now become a disaster area, causing me to cordon off the kids’ play-and-learning space in the office for fear of greater damage.  How I need to focus on getting through this and not repeating past mistakes yet again!


St. Valentine.  A priest.  A doctor.  A humble, God-loving man of prayer, who offered healing and love to many.  The kids and I have enjoyed reading about him this week as we prepare for Sunday (if I ever get our tea plans in order!).  Some of my tutoring students have been surprised to learn about the real man behind the name of the day.  History and Saints Study through picture books.  Gotta love it – whether your two or, um, much older, like me!


Family!  How we enjoyed the birthday party my sister Jenn hosted for nephew Mikey and nieces Amanda and Gianna this past weekend.  And, how good were the homemade leftovers Jenn sent me home with – not only tasty, but also convenient during a week when my menu plan got shifted about drastically.


Clutter and mess…  They are dragging me down, yet revving me up.  I want to attack, attack, attack them.  But, I need to remember to do so in small, manageable chunks that I can complete in reasonable time frames.  I also need…  Well, to be honest, to give the whole thing over.  My plan seems sound, but is not working well.  I think it’s because I have been forgetting to put the power of deep and consistent prayer behind it (and better time management, and more discipline focus.)  So, God, work in me.  Clean my heart so I can clean my home!


Marriage.  I am blessed with it.  Mike is such a loving and willing Dad and a caring and consistent husband.  But, I am far from being a Proverbs 31 (or anything of that ilk) woman.  With God’s grace, I will stop “doing evil” by greeting Mike at the door with negativity even when I am reasonably frustrated by a given day’s events. I will learn to work with my hands “in delight”, instead of in grumpiness and anger as I too often do.  I will re-train myself “to rise when it is still night” for prayer, personal time and projects before the demands of kids and household stretch me beyond good judgment and time management.  I will do a better job at stretching out hands to the poor and needy – whether those in need are those closest to me, seeking attention, or strangers, seeking our excess. And,  on and on…  But mostly “I will smile at the future.”  I WILL SMILE AT THE FUTURE.  How can I not?  Despite my shortcomings, I am blessed with marriage and the fruits of marriage, including three wonderful children.  I need to keep remembering this. 


Sleep.  I seem to need so much of it lately.  Some days, I get it, but, then, kick myself for not rising early for prayer and productivity.  Other days, I don’t get it because the kids interrupt my sleep.  Then, I drag all the next day.  Still other days, I don’t get it because my head just keeps spinning.  I cannot sleep, as exhausted as I am, because I can’t find the “quell” button for my brain.  Anyone know where it is?


  1. Crazy MA. 🙂

    I have no idea about the sleep thing. From watching my mother the only idea I got was that one just had to wait it out… not very encouraging!

    • But real… It is sage advice in some ways… 🙂

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