Posted by: mmstanger | February 11, 2010

A Confession: Dis-Order in the Home and No 1000 Things

Order in the Home

Well, I am discouraged… This past week, even with 10-Minute Tidies and a fairly regular effort to move forward with creating Order in the Home, I somehow have backslid.  Today, I see more clutter, more mess and less order than I did a week ago.  I am kicking myself over it, but not giving in.

There are few excuses for my backslide.  But, there are confessions.  With Mike away for work and drill over much of past week and weekend, my time for focusing on things besides the kids was more limited than usual and I did not manage it very well, I confess.  Plus, we had some major paperwork due this past Monday, which caused an explosion of a backlog of unfiled papers I had corralled in a crate in our office this past Sunday night.  And, despite Mike offering me some kid-less time yesterday to try to deal with the aftermath of this explosion, the damage still remains.  Ghosts of Disorganized-Poorly-Time-Managed Past are coming to haunt me in the filing arena.  You can corral the clutter and mess, but until you truly attend to it, it threatens to haunt you time and time again…

And Ghosts of Unfinished Projects are taunting me, too.  While last week, even with Mike away, I was making great headway on purging and sorting our children’s book library – 10-20 minutes and one box at a time – I made some poor choices.   On a positive note, I freecyled some books and others I boxed up in the office and have posted on Paperback Swap.  However, the bulk of our children’s library, I housed in Mike and my room between labeled shelves and boxes with paper sheet labels dividing sorted books. Well, I meant to transfer all these  “keeper” books into CLOSED and well-labeled (read: specific, legible, permanent and obvious to other folks besides me) boxes, ready for shelving on our basement library shelves once those shelves are set up and easily accessed (because of good labeling) until then.  But, I confess, I failed to do so.  I made poor choices about time, thinking I would finish the project soon.  Well, then, I made the dire mistake of letting Luke and Nina in our bedroom without direct and constant supervision.  So, now I have piles of books spread out all over our floor, bed and bureau to sort again.  A few steps forward, a mile slip back…

And my Thousand Things quest?  Ugh!  No headway this week.  I swapped a book on Paperback Swap, but ordered one, too.  I donated some more clothes, but received some, too.  And, I put lots of unnecessary paper from our files into bags for shredding and/or recycling, but have yet to actually get rid of either.  So, I confess that I not only failed to keep on the purging roll I was last week, but also failed to purge at all. 

So, both in creating order and in de-cluttering, I admit I have failed myself and my home this week.  But, that does not mean I have to keep on failing.  Prayer will help.  Focus will, too.  And cheerleaders?  Come on!  I need some encouragement, a push and maybe some time without my kiddos – as much as I love them — to get back on track.  I also need a better time management plan.  (Suggestions, please)

I know the piles and projects may wait (they have for this long!), but the baby in my belly will not, and I really will be a more peaceful and productive Mama if I can create Order in the Home before our next little blessing arrives.  Please, leave a comment with some practical advice or words of encouragement to get me moving again.



  1. Oh hun, please don’t be so hard on yourself! You’ve got two lively, adorable little kids who need your time & energy, your husband was away with work & still you’ve coped way better & done far more than many of us could achieve who don’t have all of those distractions. You are an inspiration, but go easy on yourself. Even if you didn’t ‘purge’ & ‘declutter’ as you’d hoped, you’ve still achieved stuff so be proud of yourself & just keep taking small steps towards your goals as best as you can. Am sure you’ll have made significant progress by the time the baby arrives, even if your home isn’t the completely clutter-free oasis of idealistic calm you’d ideally like it to be (be realistic – is that even possible with toddlers in the house?!).
    Love & miss ya & am glad to be your cheerleader!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I miss you, too.

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