Posted by: mmstanger | February 9, 2010

Gratituesday: Our Unique Little Man Luke

I have had a challenging couple of days, with little energy to fully stick to my Menu Plan for the week.  So I was really thinking of writing about how grateful I am for my sister’s delicious leftovers!  (She hosted a fun family birthday party on Sunday night and sent me home with homemade gnocchi, unstuffed peppers soup, breads, chicken wings and chicken pot pie — all delightful, convenient and super appreciated nibbles and meals for Mike, the kids and me as I have been too frazzled and overtired to cook at times these past couple days — Thank you, Jenn!) 

Yet, despite how handy Jenn’s delectable leftovers have been, I have decided to honor Luke with this post instead.  For, at four years and two months yesterday, he proved quite the little man.  I was exhausted, working on only a few hours sleep, and he sensed my limitations somehow, being unusually helpful cooperative for most of the day — playing with his sister, not getting into things as much as he soemtimes does and letting me rest some.  Yes, as busy and challenging as Luke can be at times, he can also be sensitive and sweet, and yesterday, there were long stretches of the latter. 

gratituesdayI am so  grateful so glad that Luke chose yesterday as one of his “good” days.  It made me realize that even when I am paying the price for my own poor time management, feeling tired, down and really “off the path” God wants me to be on, that I never can stray too far.  God leads me back – often through my children.  Witnessing my little man Luke act as he did yesterday made me realize that God has given me charges as well as cheerleaders in my children.  They are “work”, but they are also wonder-filled, too.  Thank you, Lord, for Luke, for Nina and for baby “Any”.   Without them, days like yesterday would be very dark. 

To see what Luke has been up to lately, learning more about our four years, two months man, see our Spotlight on him.

For more feel-good gratitude moments, see the loinks at Heavenly Homemakers.

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