Posted by: mmstanger | February 8, 2010

Menu Mondays: Convenience and St. Valentine’s Day

Menu Plan MondaySince the new year, as part of my role as Provider of Meals in my home, I have been working on making menu planning and greater discipline when grocery shopping habits. As a guide for the latter, I spent some time this past week starting to update my general shopping list. This list has been a work-in-progress for over a year, using resources such as Dr. Ben Lerner’s Body by God, Daphne Miller’s The Jungle Effect, Cindy Burke’s To Buy or Not to Buy Organic and various lists at the Environmental Working Group website to help me better determine what foods should and should not be going into our family’s bodies and in what form (organic or conventional), and, therefore, which ones should and should not be in-stock in our home.   By next week, I hope to post my latest draft so others can use it if they wish.  It’ll have foods listed by categories (fruits, vegetbales, carbs, etc.)  with indicators on whether they are best bought organic, local or conventional. I really wanted to have this ready today, but with Mike away all last week and drilling all weekend, plus some major paperwork for work and family finances to attend to, I simply did not have time to finish it. Soon, I promise!

And, now, onto this week’s menu:

We have a crazy week of appointments and work ahead, so I am trying to keep things fairly simple. As such, here’s our menu for the week:

Power Food of the Week: TBD

Breakfast 1 ChoicesWe try to have water, vitamins, juice and fruits first thing in the morning.: orange juice (fresh-squeezed and otherwise), canned pineapple, clementines and/or clementine juice, sliced apples, apple sauce, overnight apple crisp (made from sliced apples, cinnamon, a but of sugar and honey and granola in the crock pot), raisins, defrosted berries, canned peach slices or avocado salad.

Breakfast 2 ChoicesA little later in the morning, we focus on starches to give us energy for the day.: overnight oatmeal dressed up with maple syrup, honey, agave, nuts, raisins and /or cinnamon, leftover Irish breads, oatmeal, chocolate crisps cereal, Grape Nuts cereal, Nature’s Path Granola, zucchini, pineapple, butternut squash or banana pancakes or waffles, or toast.

Daddy’s At-Work Lunch ChoicesWe try to go for proteins mid-day to rebuild muscles.: macaroni-&-butternut squash/cheese sauce with broccoli, plus turkey slice-&-cheese rolls, beef stew and Irish brown soda bread, bulky wheat roll with tuna, tomato & lettuce inside, plus chips on the side, beef stew and wheat bread, spaghetti and meatballs or bulky wheat roll with turkey, cheese, tomato, mayo & lettuce.

At-Home (and On-the-Run) Lunch ChoicesDitto the proteins!: leftover pasta with sauce and canned beans, chickpeas and cheese roll ups, bean spread & peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter roll ups, tomato soup with toasted cheese sandwiches, pasta with tuna, vegetables and cheese or eggs.

Snacks and TreatsWe try to go healthy with these, but like to splurge sometimes.: corn tortilla chips, dill-potato chips, leftover grains and bread-stuffs, granola, raisins, cheese, lemon cake, Healthy Handful cookies, potato salad, roasted potatoes, toast and spreads, heart-shaped cookies, strawberry pie, etc.

DinnersWe try to include high protein and low carbs, with vegetables, but we often fall into our carb-loving selves.

Monday: miso-tofu-vegetable soup, rice and asparagus

Tuesday (a work night, requiring easy kid-friendly meal with easy clean-up): baked omelet, with roasted green beans and tomatoes and muffins or toast.

Wednesday (an appointment day and work night, requiring quick, kid-friendly meal with easy clean-up): black bean soup, tortilla chips, avocado-tomato-olive oil-vinegar salad, corn and cheese

Thursday (a work night, requiring easy kid-friendly mea with easy clean-up): chicken sausage with pasta, sauce and maybe salad.

Friday (a double appointment day, requiring easy prep): soup and toasted cheese sandwiches

Saturday (a work-and-chore day, requiring quick, easy prep): tuna, rice and green beans

Sunday (Valentine’s Day!): TBD, maybe heart-shaped almond pancakes with strawberries and honey — a festive, easy breakfast-for-dinner meal the kids will love

For other folk’s menu ideas, head on over to the links at I’m an Organizing Junkie.


  1. This looks like such a great mix of healthy and fun. What is the avocado salad?

    • Thank you. We try for a healthy, fun balance and sometimes succeed 🙂 Avocado Salad is whatevever I am in the mood for and have the ingredients for on a given night. (My hsuband just loves avocado.) Usually, I slice an on-sale avocado into small cubes or slices and mix it with any combination of diced apples, raisins, diced or grated vegetables, leftover grains (buldur, wheat berries, etc.), sliced citrus fruits, tomatoes and/or cheeses. Then, I “dress it ” with a little olive oil and vinegar – sometimes with a bit of mustard thrown in – or with some mayonaise or a mayo-yogurt comobination,d epending onw hat we’re in the mood for. Or, I simply squeeze some lemon or lime atop it, mix and maybe add some olive oil and salt. I also throw in different herbs at times – parsley, basil, etc.

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