Posted by: mmstanger | February 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 1)

7 Quck Takes

I meandered into 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary and thought it might be fun to participate in, sharing some random thoughts and highlights of the week:


I was reading Before You Were Born to Luke and Nina the other day, when I got to the page about Mommy’s energy coming back in the second trimester.  Now, I seem to recall that actually happens from my pregnancies with Luke and Nina, but I am wondering about this one.  Little Gemma or Jack is really making my sleepy!  I “need” more than 8 hours a night – a virtual marathon of sleep for me-who-went-years-on-much-less.  And, teaching two high-energy drama classes followed by a tutoring student wipes me out!  come on, nesting energy, where are you????


Now that I am not waking at 5 or 5:30 anymore for my alone time with Daily Readings and other less spiritually enriching tasks, my whole daily rhythm is going a bit askew.  “losing” a couple hours a day does a number on it.  What keeps me smiling though is my new wake-up routine…  The pitter patter of Nina’s feet and her little voice giggling, ‘Where’s Mommy?” as she reaches up to be pulled into bed to snuggle with me.  Then, her big kisses and hugs as she declares “I luvfs you so much!” before pulling the blanket over us, saying. “Mommy, the baby is warm now.”  (She thinks the baby gets cold in my belly without the blanket!)


Luke at St. Brigid Tea“Mommy, if (fill-in-the-blank), what would happen?”  Oh, how this constant question of Luke’s gets to me sometimes.  And, oh how I will miss it when it stops coming multiple times throughout the day.  His inquisitive mind, his impish spark, his constant questioning and experimenting.  They are so Luke and so special.


Isn’t a snow flurry great?  Just enough covering to make things pretty and give the kids a way to spend a late afternoon – sweeping and brushing the snow from the drive with me.  Praise God that no more big storms hit while Mike’s been away.  No heavy lifting or dreaded plow leftover, simply some seasonal fun.


St. Brigid's Day TeaSomething is better than nothing, right?  That’s what I told myself as the kids and I baked a mere two of the many recipes I had hoped to sample for out St. Brigid tea, which happened, oh, half a week later.  Still it was a fun, albeit simple, affair, with a lacey tablecloth, a starry votive candle to remind us of how St. Brigid’s cloak transformed, some decorations borrowed from out St. Brigid liturgical table, a prayer to St. brigid and a reading of the poem we found about her and her giving ways.  Plus, Irish Soda Bread, Brown Irish Soda Bread, butter and chocolate drinks (per the kiddos requests) with simple conversation and lots of smiles… We are blessed!


I think I can.  I think I can.   Or, so I keep chanting to myself as I make small moves forward in overcoming the mountain of mess and clutter in our home.  Please, oh, please, oh please, make my Thousand Things quest come quickly – and another one after it –  and help my discipline increase so Baby 3 won’t be born, like Baby 1 and 2 were, into a home that is far less than I want it to be.  For, yes, I know that my ideal dream of a Reggio-Montessori inspired home environment may be over another mountain or two, but I truly believe a welcome valley can lay just ahead.


Lent.  It lays quite soon ahead.  Oh my!  As I flipped through my calendar the other day I realized what an early Easter we this year.  (Or so it seems to me.)  I must add Lent-lessons and activities to my thinking cap time.  Any inspiration for observing Lent with wee ones would be most welcome.



  1. I have loved your list this week.
    I also did not get to do all our feast day ideas this week. In fact i haven’t even posted on our dipping candles yet.
    I lov elittle ones coming in in the morning for a snuggle too.
    Oh and yes Lent. I need to plan for that this week too.
    Thanks for sharing your ‘real life’ highs and lows
    God Bless

    • Thank you… And with all those wonderful children of yours, I can understand why you couldn’t get to everyting. With just a couple or a near dozen, sometimes reality and wishes don’t mesh. But, we do what we can with what we have in the moments we have – and trust God to do the rest! 🙂 So, with that, I am sure we will both be enjoying many more partially-done feast dat celebrations 🙂 as well as lots of great moments of just simply snuggling. Ahhh, the joys of Mommihood!

      I look forward to sharing ideas about Lent. My children are so young that it is often hard for me to think of things at their level that might still be meaningful – especially with the more somber days. But, I manage. I am open to suggestions from more experienced Moms like you, of course!!!!

      Again, thank you and be blessed!

  2. 3~ I miss all those cute little things that kids do, they grow out each stage so fast. 😦

    • I try to remember that – especially when the things they do are not so cute. And, when theya re overly clingy, I tell msyelf how one day I will only wish and pray they wanted to be near Mommy. It is so wonderful to share perspective with Moms and grandmoms of all stages.

  3. It seems like w/each pregnancy I needed more rest no matter the trimester…hard to do with more children though.

    • I guess God encourages us to get the rest when we can before another child is vying for attention and a new little one is waking through the night for hugs and feedings. He knows best and we must listen… So, rest up, I shall!

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