Posted by: mmstanger | February 4, 2010

Order in the Home and Thousand Things Thursdays Update

Order in the HomeLast week, I posted about our Ten-Minute Tidies among other things.  We are sticking to them, and they are really working.  Here’s a sample of one of our spaces before and after such a tidy:  

to minute tidy before

The kids play and learning space before a 10-Minute Tidy...

office after 10-minute tidy

... and here's the space after!

As you can see, the 10-Minute Tidy does not bring perfection, but it sure does bring some visual solace and a bit of order, so it’s  a habit we intend to keep!

Another habit that is going strong is daily action toward my Thousand Things Thursdays quest.  Here’s the updated tally:

965-1=964         We noticed a “wanted” post on freecycle, seeking a wooden desk for a kids’ room. 

Thank you, God, for helping me spot the Wanted  during a quick email check, so we could create more space in our garage while helping a family create a better study space for their daughter.  Love how timeless wood pieces pass from one family to the next, blessing all.  May the cycle continue.

964-1+1=964     We donated a bag of old kids’ clothes we don’t think we’ll use for the new baby, but, shortly, after received a wonderful bag of hand-me-downs for Luke and Nina from our friend Lisa, so it’s -1+1=0 there!

Thank you, God, for always providing food to eat and clothes to wear – and such lovely things, too!  Also, thank you for the cycle of sharing we can be a part of.

964-58 =906      A pre-k teacher took us up on our box of book freecycle offer.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of reading and the many snuggly hours the kids and I spend pouring over books.  May the teacher help instill such a strong love of reading in her students!  Also, Lord, thank you for Luke and Nina so readily making some book choices to give away in honor of St. Brigid as a part of our week-long celebration of her Saint Day.

906-1=900         I spent hours this week starting to reclaim my desk and, thus, recycled a sizable bag of paper at the local Paper Retriever bin.

Praise God for time and focus to get some of our files organized and thank you for helping me to support local schools through recycling paper “trash”.  May you continue to grant me grace, time and discipline to get our paperwork in order.

900-1=889         After checking our handed-down German Muzzy VCR tapes, we realized they weren’t even worth giving away, so to the recycle bin they went.

Luke, St brigid Day donation

Luke shouts "St. Brigid" as he picks a book to donate in honor the saint's well-known habit of giving to those in need.

Lord, thank you for helping us just toss things when tossing is the best option.  As we bring further things into our home, lease help us be mindful of if we really need them and can use them, and how we might pass them on when we are done with them.

I am so excited to have hit the 800’s.  May the 700’s come even quicker.  Excess and clutter be gone!

And, success loves company!  So, please leave a comment about your own Thousand (ten-thousand, hundred or mere ten) Things.  Your efforts will motivate mine.  And, of course, if you have been meeting with success (or challenges) in creating Order in the Home (or Office or Classroom or Desk), I’d like to hear about those, too.  Please share.  Feel free to simply comment below, or to grab my graphic and use it in your own linked blog post.

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