Posted by: mmstanger | February 1, 2010

Menu Monday: Happy St. Brigid Day

St. Brigid

We had so much fun celebrating Our Lady of Alatagracia a few weeks back, eating orange/clementine delights and trying dishes of Dominican cooking influence, that I have decided to center parts of this week’s menu around Irish cuisine in honor of St. Brigid’s feast day, which is today.

As such, here are our plans:

Power Food of the Week:  Oats!  Oatmeal   is a well known healthy food and is listed as one of the healthiest foods for pregnancy.   It’s also undeniably an Irish staple.  So, we are going to focus our Power Foods Lab this week on cooking and baking with oats.

Breakfast 1 Choices:  (We try to start our day with a drink, a vitamin and some sort of fruit or vegetable.) 

One doesn’t usually think “fruit” when one thinks Irish cuisine, but a little search online led me to the Global Gourmet, which states that “apples are by far the most common fruit, eaten fresh or made into cakes, breads, pies and fools”.  So, we’re going with apple sauce, apple slices, overnight apple crisp (made with fresh apples and deep-discount Bare Naked granola), whipped cream apple fools,  or yogurt ones, apple juice, plus fresh squeezed clementine juice (since clementines are on sale this week).

Breakfast 2 Choices:  (After our fruits and veggies digest, we like to have a heartier, starchier meal to give us energy for the day.) 

This one is easy when thinking Ireland – oatmeal!  (Okay, I know,  hat happened to the traditional Irish breakfast? Well, it fits neither our budget nor our eating choices, although it would be nice as a special treat if Mike were not away all week.  So, we’ll stick with the oatmeal.)  Irish Oats Porridge, Irish Soda Bread, Irish Bread and Butter Pudding (made with wheat instead of white, of course!), Irish Soda Bread, Boxty and, not very Irish, but a recent staple as it is a kid-favorite and a mere $2 at Ocean State, Erwhon Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice  (gluten-free, too!)

Daddy’s At-Work Lunch Choices: These are totally up to him this week, as he is away on a business trip.

At-Home Lunch Choices:  (We try to go for a protein to build up all those muscles we’ve been using all day.)  Boiled Eggs and “Soldiers”, Vegetarian Crockpot Baked Beans  Vegetarian Irish Peasant Lunch (the kids probably wont touch it, but I will enjoy it and can use some of that frozen cabbage I have!),  Irish Welsh Rabbit or Irish Rarebit  (or simply cheese sauce on toast if I am feeling lazy),  leftover Split Pea Soup, and, of course, not-so-Irish, but a standby for the kids cheese and peanut butter wraps, plus frozen vegetable sides.

Snack, Tea Time, Treats and Dessert ChoicesSt. Brigid Oat Cakes, Chocolate Potato Cake,  Irish Brown Soda Bread, Irish Apple Cake,    Irish Scones, homemade yogurt and toppings, coconut tapioca, nuts, leftovers and quick bites from the pantry and fridge.

Of course, we won’t be making all the choices above – I simply have noted them as a selection to draw from as we continue our celebration of St. Brigid all week.  And, now, onto:

DINNERS (We are admittedly not going very Irish here as it’s just the kids and I this week, with babysitters on my work nights, so ease is everything.)

Menu Plan MondayMonday: Pasta and Blended Vegetable-Tomato Sauce

Tuesday:  Baked Omelet, Sautéed (frozen) Greens and homemade breads

Wednesday:  Raviolis and Spinach

Thursday:  Scrambled Eggs, Broccoli and Toast

Friday:  Chick Peas, Bulgur and frozen Vegetables

Saturday:  Cabbage Sauté, Rice, and Edamame

Sunday:   Leftovers or Scavenged Meal from fridge and freezer

For other people’s weekly menu ideas, see I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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