Posted by: mmstanger | January 26, 2010

Gratituesday and Time-Out Tuesday: Quick Recovery, Love and Laughter

Nina and Martianne Post-Surgery

So good to hug my little girl after she came to...

I am ever-grateful for the prayers people offered for Nina when she underwent surgery for her re-occurring bronchial cleft cyst last Friday, and of course to God for seeing all those prayers answered so quickly and so well. 

 I am also thankful for Mum and Dad who supported us throughout the week with childcare for Luke, meals and treats to eat, a ride to Nina’s pre-op appointment and lots more!  As my parents, Mum and Dad make Mike and my parenting easier.  Thank you!

 Likewise, I am grateful that we live in an area so close to top-notch medical facilities.  Dr. Volk and his team, as well as Nurse Melanie and all the rest of the recovery staff, ensured Nina’s safety and comfort.  Whew!  They even enabled her to go home with us the same day as the surgery instead of having to stay overnight as planned.  A true relief and blessing!

Nina and G enjoy a book together post-surgery

Nina and her cousin enjoy Nina's get-well book from Grammy and Grampy... And, no, that is not a turtleneck. It is Nina's bulky neck dressing.

Without doubt, we are blessed by our little girl and by all who help us keep her, her brother and her sbling-to-come healthy and happy.  So, today, we take a quiet moment of prayer to recognize the amazing network of family and friends we have.   Thank you.  You are  ablessing to us and we wish you blessings, too.
Daddy dresses Nine pre-surgery

Daddy dresses Nina for her surgery...

Mike and Nina head off to the OR

Mike and Nina head off to the OR...

Nina post-surgery

Yay! She's awake!

On a more somber note, as happy as Mike and I were to see Nina wake up in the recovery room, we were also heartbroken by something.  A young boy who was in the same room was so distraught when he came to.  It seemed he did not to have any parents there for him.  Praise God, many nurses quickly tried to comfort him — the boy was definitely blessed to have them there.  gratituesdayI don’t know that boy’s name or what he had been in surgery for.  But, I do know he needs prayers.  So, I have kept him in my prayers all week and continue to, not only praying for his well-being, but also for more love to be shared in his life.  Such prayers make me thank God, again, that I have the extended family that I have.  Because of your love and support, I able to be there for my own children, along with Mike – who is an outstanding and loving dad!

time out tuesdayAnd it is with Mike in mind that I pause to take my Time-Out Tuesday.  For this week, I am writing less about my own Time-Out than that of Mike and the kids. 

This past weekend, in order to give me some time to attack home organization and cleaning projects, Mike and the kids spent hours simply playing, drawing and reading together.  What a relief it was for me to clean and organize without having to worry about what the kids were getting into!  And, what a joy it was to hear Luke and Nina giggling with Daddy so often and so boisterously. 

Luke and Nina truly relish Daddy-time, and love the differences in how he interacts with them as compared to how I do.  And, I find such simple, everyday moments precious.  For, although times like Mike and the kids had this weekend are nothing extraordinary and likely won;t be remembered as singularly spectacular, I think , together, lots of such moments offer a sense of general warmth. 

It is my hope that through repeated times likes these, Luke and Nina will carry a sense of security and love with them far into their futures.  For, sometimes, the best Time-Out, it seems, is  a “Time In” – time in one another’s presence, doing just everyday things, with love and laughter.  Praise God for such times!

Did you have such a time-in time-out this week?  Was there something that happened in the past few days that truly helped you relax and simply enjoy the blessings of life and those around you?  Please share in a comment about it below!  And, if you want to be inspired by more folk’s Gratituesdays, go to Heavenly Homemakers for links.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I’m thankful that your daughter’s surgery went well. I will pray for continued recovery. How sad about the little boy, i will lift him in prayer. Have a great week.

  2. Thank you both for the thoughts on Nina’s surgery and for lifting the little boy in your prayers this week. The power of prayer is amazing!

  3. […] Nina made her speedy recovery from last Friday’s surgery, proving she was “herself” and ready to live and play as usual, Mike was kind enough to do most […]

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