Posted by: mmstanger | January 21, 2010

Order in the Home: In the Beginning — Wake-Up Time and Daily Rhythm

Order in the HomeWhen the start of the New Year was but a baker’s dozen or so of clock strokes underway, I thought, “How am going to begin to make my offering of Order in the Home?”  Bleary-eyed as I was from our family’s fun New Year’s celebration, the answer came easy:  Commence just as the Bible does.  With the beginning!

Martianne's Morning RoutineFor some time now, I have been intermittently following a Wake-Up Time routine inspired by the likes of Flylady.  It is not a difficult routine for me to follow, but it is one that has yet to become a true habit.  Most mornings, I still have to make a decided effort to adhere to it. Then, I struggle to complete the simple tasks that are a part of it before my mind wanders and the other demands and desires of my day take over.  Yes, the dishes usually get cleared.  The laundry most often goes in.  But, the clutter clean up?  Ah.  Somehow, many mornings I find some “reasonable” excuse not to attend to it.  Late night.  Kids already up.  Early appointment.  Or, just plain lack of focus. 

And providing the kids an opportunity to develop good morning habits through their own regular Wake-Up Time routine?   Oo. This one sometimes goes by the wayside, too.  We make a good start, but Mommy-distractions displace kid follow-through. … No more! 

With 2010 underway, I became intent on more whole-heartedly starting at the beginning.  I realized Wake-Up Time needed to become a habit for both the kids and me.  I also recognized that, to help motivate us, it would best be thought of as a part of a larger picture, much like darkness and light were a part of  God’s whole grand design.

Lule, Wake-Up TimeSo, I committed to three things:

1.  Tweaking our Wake-Up Time routine to better reflect my current needs, while providing a way for the kids hold themselves (and me!) more accountable to it.

  1. 2.  Drafting a “big picture” Daily Rhythm that Wake-Up Time would be a logical of.
  2. 3.  Trying – whole-heartedly – to make Wake-Up Time a habit.

 And how am I doing with these three things?  Not too badly.  I revised my personal Wake-Up Time routine and the kids and I finally made a pocket chart to help them with theirs.   I have also drafted and posted Our Daily Rhythm in both a Mommy-Friendly chart:

Our Daily Rhythm

as well as in a kid-friendly way:

Luke using our Daily Rhythm Fridge Chart

As a visual person, these charts help keep me on course with my Wake-Up Time habit goal.

Wake-Up Routine ChartAnd with our eyes on the prize, are we making good progress towards reaching the goal?  Hmmm… Slow, but steady wins the race, right?  I admit, we did not begin our effort with a successful sprint.  For, most days in 2010 so far, we have been tripped up before attending to all the parts of our Wake-Up Time.  But, this does not worry me.  I am confident that, in the end, we will reach the finish line of habitualizing Wake-Up Time.  For how can we not? 

Because I have been, at least, sticking to the Daily Readings part of my personal Wake-Up Time, I know we have the best training manual ever for anything we set out to do:  God’s Word.  I also know we have the topmost coach and cheerleader – The Big Guy Himself.  And, with these two as resources, we cannot fail!  A recent Daily Reading from 1 John 5 emphasizes this.  For, in prayer, I request that God grant me the discipline needed to make Wake-Up Time a successful habit.  I ask him to train me, and, subsequently, help me train up my children, in the way we should go.  And, I know He listens and helps.  I feel my heart becoming cleaner, and, as it does, I know my home will follow.  The finish line – for this part of the course at least – is within sight!

I would love to hear about your own similar routines, as well as the strategies you use for attending to them.  Please leave a comment with your ideas below.  Also, I would be thrilled to have others join me in Order in the Home.  So, feel free to comment on other ways you are creating order in your own homes.  And, if you blog, grab the graphic from the top of this post, add it to your own Order in the Home post and then link to this one through Mr. Linky below. 

Oh, and one last thing, if you would like me to send you our files for our routines and rhythms so you can tweak them for yourself and your own family, just let me know.  As I haven’t figured out how to simply put them up on the blog for you to download, I would be happy to email them to those who leave a comment requesting them.  (I would be thrilled if someone would give me a tutorial on how to upload files for downloading or to link to a site where I can do so, too!)  Or, if you like the routines as is, I think, you can just click on the graphics and they will pop up, enlarged, for you to print. 

Wishing you a wonderful, more orderly day and encouraging you to respond so we can inspire one another!

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