Posted by: mmstanger | January 19, 2010

Ahhh… Freedom! (Time Out Tuesday and Gratituesday)

Luke and Nina Sing on the Swing
Enjoying a Time Out outside…

A warm, sunny, winter day. Whizzing down a hill on a sled, holding a giggling child in my arms, as we enjoy the last of the recent snow before it melts… Sitting on a swing, rocking back and forth, as we sing, “This is the day… Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” Free from the typical worries of recent days. Away from the cleaning and organizing that assault my vision inside the house. Escaping from lesson planning and appointment scheduling. Simply enjoying moments outside with my two little blessings! (And, not forgetting the third one on its way, as Luke and Nina blow kisses to the baby in my belly and chatter about taking new Brother or Sister sledding next winter!)

Such moments of joy are so accessible, yet too rarely fully taken advantage of.  I am glad I took a time-out to do so this past week. Sometimes peace and delight are a mere few steps out the front door.

time out tuesdaySo,  grab your coat and see what smiles you can discover in the great outdoors! Then, when you have a moment, share what you did and how you felt as you breathed in not only fantastic fresh air, but also refreshed perspective. Or, if you have been taking your Time-Out indoors, let me know about that, too. Let’s share some of those, hours, mornings, afternoons, evenings or entire days of delight with each other. Please cosndier taking a Time-Out this Tuesday (or next!) to reflect upon your past week.  Think about a moment of peace and pleasure and share it with others. Focusing on our “good stuff” can help give us all a brighter perspective.

Blog or no blog, simply leave a comment about your Time Out below. Or, if you have a blog, write a post, grab the button above and link up through Mr. Linky (at the bottom of the post). We’d love to share your smiles…

                   And, we’d love to share your thankfulness, too.   So, if you have a moment to reflect on something simple that you are grateful for this week, join me and others at Gratituesday.  You’ll find everything from Nana’s to tea kettles, from husbands to health issues, in the links at Heavenly Homemakers.  What fun it is to focus on all the gifts — great and small — that there are to be thankful for each day.

gratituesdayFor me, one thing that stands out as something to praise God for — along with time outside with my happy little bundles — is the right to vote, and to vote for LIFE and FREEDOM. Yes, as soon as Luke joins his sister in wakefulness today, we will be going to the polls so I can exercise that right, voting for Scott Brown. Now, I know some of my friends of old may be shocked (and even disappointed.) How could liberal acting/traveling/bleeding heart Martianne become such a conservative? The answer? Time, prayer and conviction.

Indeed, faith and family have worked on my heart, and I thank God for it every day. For, although I still believe in many “progressive” ideas and ideals, when it all comes down to it, I value life, love and the freedom to choose. The more I live, the more I realize that folks like Scott Brown embody many of the principles I believe in and vote for many of the policies I want to back. At their core, under layers of pretty verbiage, many of the more liberal candidates seem to actually be working to take away the freedoms I treasure.

Now, I know this is a dicey topic, so I just want to close by adding that, whether you agree with my vote or not, please take a moment just to be grateful for your own right to vote. If you are in MA, please get out there and exercise your right today. We all need to be heard. We all need to do our part to shape our world into something that matches our convictions. What a blessing it is that we have an opportunity to do so…



  1. you are so right about the right to vote it is our choice and one that we should accept to do as it is our convicitions that will decide our leaders

    • Thank you for commenting and glad you agree… I was excited to see so many folks at the polls this morning and hope the trend continues. And, of course, now, I am just praying for the outcome!

      Also, I took a quick look at your blog and want to look at it more when I am not between my little girl;’s pre-op appointment na dgoing out to tutor. It looks like there is a lot of great information there!

      Take care! 🙂

  2. My girls and I spent time indoors yesterday playing games together. While we accomplished other things as well, I made sure to relax and enjoy spending time with them.

    • Indeed, it is a wonderful way to spend a Time-Out from regular life… Oddly enough, I almost wrote about playing games with my own kiddos in this week’s Time Out.

      Thanks for commenting. I took a quick look at your blog and intend to peruse it more when I have more time. It looks great. I’ll enjoy sharing ideas with you. 🙂

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