Posted by: mmstanger | January 1, 2010

Our New Year’s Goals

Wow! It’s been so long since I have attended to this blog… So, perhaps I should start the new year by committing to post a bit more often. No better time to get started than the present…

Luke and Nina were so excited this Christmas – the perfect age to enjoy the holiday and also to be thrilled with “little” blessings, like Jesus! (Although we all know He is not little – only his ceramic manger images are, and don’t the kid love those! You can see them in the accompanying pictures excited to put them in our crèche’s on Christmas morning.) Indeed, we are all grateful for blessings – small and large – as we head into 2010, and hope to enjoy more as we aim to make it a good year!

Now, in keeping with timeless traditions of setting goals for the new year, here are some of ours:

Nina (anything in quotes she actually said when we asked her about her goals for her body, her mind, her spirit and her social life):

-“I want to eat” more whole foods. Maybe I can learn to sleep by myself at night. And, I can learn to go potty.

-I want to “read”.

-“I want to pray.”

-“I want to play and play.”

Luke (ditto):

-“Help me learn to jump, because I don’t know how to jump really well.” I will be able to stay dry all night so I can wear big boy pants. And, I will learn to sleep by myself at night.

– “This year I want to do for my mind something really hard. I don’t know how to tell you. It’s going to be what I am drawing. You’ll see. It might be something you might like to do.”

– “Do more drawing” about God “with you” Mommy.

– I want to play with dinosaurs”


-“Add routine and order to our menu planning and exercise attempts; have a healthy pregnancy and post-pregnancy.”

– “Bring order to my life and, therefore, balance to my brain.”

– “Create a more orderly home where friends and family can truly feel welcome when dropping by for a spontaneous chat or staying for a planned visit.”

-“Seek to better know and serve God, praying unceasingly and weaving prayer, worship and study of our faith into our daily and seasonal rhythms.”

-“Return to my premarital habits of planning, tracking and staying organized with finances while increasing our tithes.”


-“To turn into a rock-hard machine… to have an 8-pack.” No really, “to get back into physical well-being – exercise frequently. watch, ,my diet better, participate in yoga classes and used the gym more” at work. “When the weather breaks, spend more time outside. Definitely do more exercising outside.”

-“To attend to my blog (Pitch Count)… expand my topics.”

-“Work on chess with Luke. Work on my German. Read more books. Stimulate my mind. One thing I do not want to do: Do not attend any formal classes.”

– “I need to start keeping my disposition (better)… Try not to look for the grass being greener on the other side… Focus on the here and now.”

-“I will only do an activity if it doesn’t cost anything or if it makes money. An exception: If it does cost money and there is an immediate return” I will do it.


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