Posted by: mmstanger | September 29, 2009

Time Out Tuesdays: Firetrucks and Farms

Building fire trucks at Lowe's

Building fire trucks at Lowe's

Last Saturday, we had an ideal family day.  While Daddy and Luke enjoyed a few extra winks and some play-and-drawing time together, Nina and I thoroughly enjoyed a crisp walk back and forth from daily Mass. 

When we got back, Daddy had Luke all fed and ready to go to one of our new favorite places – the local Lowe’s Build-n-Grow Clinic  – where, this time, we enjoyed making fire trucks together.   (The kids have been playing with these ever since!) 

Push, Nina, push!

Push, Nina, push!

Then, after a stop at home to make some cheddar stew for the farm potluck, we were off to the annual Farm Day at Plato’s Harvest, where thoroughly enjoy spending an entire afternoon on the farm at which we get tasty, locally grown vegetables and gorgeous fresh-cut flowers for 20 weeks each year.

Luke was most excited about going to the Farm Day in order to take a hayride over to the farm’s outer reaches to visit the pig pen.  (He so loved visiting the pigs last year and getting slopped by them!)  Although this didn’t happen, our little man didn’t complain.  He was too busy  snagging homemade cookies, breads and pasta from the plenty upon the potluck tables, constructing  a “squirrel house” with farm friends and enjoying a brief hayride to get up closer to the cows, billy goats, chickens and bees that we say “hello” to each week when we visit the farm.

The Squirrel House

The Squirrel House

Nina, meanwhile, enjoyed digging and “planting” in the sand, with the other children, lounging on our blanket nibbling goodies, dancing to the great tunes sung by the Lindsay’s  and following brother about.  She was a bit tuckered out and stuffy from her recent bout of teething and a change-of-season cold, but that didn’t slow her down too much!  She even rallied to push brother alongside the fields on lazy-picker seats we used in the bean rows earlier this season.

And Mike and me?  We simply ejoyed the entire affair!  We were grateful for the fantastic weather, warm company, talented musicians and fun times of an idyllic community day at the farm.  Truly, there should be more days like this!


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