Posted by: mmstanger | September 3, 2009

Wonder and Will Wednesdays – A House of Sticks

house of sticks 1

I meant to post this last night, but was a bit sidetracked with the kiddos as Mike was away on business for a few days…  In any case, the name of this blog has lots of meanings.  One has to do with the wonder that children naturally look at every little thing in the world with and the will it takes for adults to slow down enought to join them in their explorations.  Well, yesterday the kids were full of wondeer and I willed myself to join in.  And, oh what fun we had!

You see, there’s a large stand of bamboo-like trees that grow across the cul-de-sac from us.  When Luke went through his Winnie the Pooh phase nearly a year ago now- totally enamored by anything Pooh – he decided that underneath the bamboo “bushes” was Pooh’s house.  He would go over to play and hide there, with Mommy, Daddy and sister in tow.  Since then, the bushes have remained Pooh’s house at times, but have  also metamorphised into all manner of things – the Big Bad Wolf’s lair, a source for sticks to march around with, a dinosaur land… just about anything an imaginative young boy and his “shadow” sister can dream up. house of sticks nins

Well, yesterday, the unfathomable (for the kids!) happened.  A town vehicle came with a big chopper attachment to tear the bamboo down.  (The folks next door had actually called the town to come do this, with our blessing, as the “bushes” were beginning to grow into the road – becoming a road hazard – and were also harboring a large colony of bees, which, even for a family who takes interest in observing bees at work in our spring flowers, were beginning to seem a bit threatening during our daily outings.) The kids had no idea what was coming, but were very interested in the truck.  So, I forewent my to-do’s for the afternoon in order to partake in some serious truck-and-mower attachment observation with the kids.
building hosue of sticks

For quite a while, the three of us sat on our sidewalk, entertained by the happenings across the cul-de-sac.  Our eyes and the kids pointing fingers followed the vehicle as it made its way back and forth, moving its attachment up and down at different angles in order to most effectively do away with the bamboo.  After some minutes of Luke and Nina marveling at the buzz and whir of it all, Luke suddenly exploded with, “Mommy, Pooh’s house!”  nina building house of sticks To avert a potential melt down, I thought quickly and decided side-tracking would work well given the situation.   “Oh, Luke, I think it will grow back next year without any trouble.  But, oo, look at the sticks on the roadside…”  From there, I hummed a few bars of “I build my house of sticks” from another of Luke’s past favorites – The Three Little Pigs – and all concerns disappeared.  While Nina continued to wow at the truck, Luke went to fetch his stuffed pigs – which were close at hand as he has recently been using them to act out many of the scenes from the Charlotte’s Web read loud we’ve been doing each day.  Indeed, plans were underway…

No sooner did the town truck drive up the road then were my wee ones and I off to collect the rubble it left behind.  Dodging bees here and there, we quickly amassed a store of sticks to build homes for our little pigs.  Nina , I must say, impressed me with the large load she took across the road – quite a worker, she is!  Then, Luke picked out the site in our yard and construction was underway.

house of straw

Luke and Nina worked hard at digging small holes to balance the sticks at angles from.  With my help, they created a teepee sort of structure.  In doing so, they amazed me by working together, taking turns and problem solving.  Perhaps we have some future architects and engineers on our ahnds!  For they even used the smaller bits of debris to make a second house – log cabin style with my help – out of straw!

Then, it was pig fun for who knows how long…  Ahh, the spontaneous fun roadside maintainance can egender!

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