Posted by: mmstanger | September 1, 2009

Time Out Tuesdays – Concerts at the Plymouth Waterfront

Nina trying to climb a tree at the last Project Arts concert on Plymouth Harbor

Nina trying to climb a tree at the last Project Arts concert on Plymouth Harbor

Wow!  Where has the summer gone?  We aren’t sure, but we are certain that we managed to enjoy parts of it despite its speedy disappearance.

Last week, and during several other weeks throughout the summer, we thoroughly enjoyed slowing down for a few hours at the Project Arts concerts at Plymouth Harbor.  Family- friendly, fun and free, these concerts cannot be beat, in our opinion, as a great way to unwind and enjoy a warm Wednesday night. 

Our usual routine was for the kids and me to go over to Plato’s Harvest each Wednesday afternoon this summer to pick up our weekly CSA share, to include a delicious loaf of bread from the Artisan Kitchen.  Then, after enjoying visiting with the animals, cutting a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and climbing on the tractor at the farm, we’d stop by the house to put away our farm bounty, slice up some fresh veggie crudites, make some quick dips and spreads and pack it all up with the great Artisan bread, a knife and some additonal snacks and drinks in order to be ready (we hoped!) by the time Daddy got home from work.

This past week's CSA bounty...

This past week's CSA bounty...

Always a good sport, even after a long evening commute, Daddy would make a quick-change and then jump into the minivan to drive us all over to the Jenny Gristmill.  There, we’d say a hello to whatever birds or fish we spied in the pond near the parking lot and along the brook on our walk over to the waterfront.  Of course, such creatures oftenraced away before we got close enough to spot them as Luke and Nina began their boisterous chorus of “Hello? 

 Hel-lo?  HEL-LO-O-O-O!” as soon as they saw the underpass bridges ahead of us along the pathway.  (Echoes are a simple joy for our toddlers, but the noise is not always welcome by wildlife, we admit!)  Shortly after the kids’ echo-induced giggles erupted, we would find ourselves at the waterfront – concert usually underway.

Some weeks we searched through the crowd of blankets and lawn chairs spread out on the grass in front of the Project Arts stage in order to meet friends and family.  Other weeks, it was just us.   Always, we spread out a blanket, stretched out to enjoy our evening picnic and, then, spent several hours enjoying the music, dancing to the ecclectic choice of bands, chasing the kids about as they played in the park…  All this to a backdrop of boats, stars and sunsets.  Now that is slow and simple living at its best.

We are ever grateful to have such bounty and beauty so close to home!  We’ll miss these time outs until next summer when they begin again.

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