Posted by: mmstanger | August 6, 2009

Thousand Things Thursdays – The Nausea and The Joy

Eeek!  It seems that Housemaid’s Knee may not be the final diagnosis for my knee swelling, but, rather, I may have Lyme’s Disease.  So, now I have the delight of trying to attack de-cluttering with both a swollen knee and nausea.  (The medicine I was prescribed for Lyme’s does a number on my belly.  Yuck!)  What fun!  Still, I am finding such simple, honest pleasure each time a piece of excess leaves my house.  The joy in purging!  The count goes on: 

999 – 1 = 998

One huge bag of recycled paper:  Sorting mail, with a recycling basket nearby, as soon as it comes into the house sure helps keep paperwork piles from getting too high.  Likewise, sorting through existing piles with an eye to purge really helps me see how much stuff we have kept in the past that we don’t need to in the future.  Add to that one weekend of garage organization (Thanks for taking the kids, Mom and Dad!) and you’ve got one huge bag of paper to recycle!

May the good folks at Arbiti continue their fine work of helping both the environment and community groups through offering Paper Retriever boxes a fundraiser.

 998 – 8 = 990

Eight old point-and-shoot cameras: Why did I keep these? I thought as I ran across a bag of eight defunct cameras, complete with instructions and repair estimates, in my garage during an organization mission with Mike this past weekend.  To fix? To donate somewhere for others to tinker with? To use for dramatic play in the home daycare I have thought for years about opening? Whatever the reason, it was time to cull them cameras from our collection of “May Use Someday” items.  Unable to simply toss them, I posted them on Freecycle and, lo and behold, within minutes, several people had replied.

Lord, thank you for the generous spirit of Freecyclers.  May the “altered artist” who uses discarded things to create her works fashion something interesting out of our cameras, and may the mom and son team, who wish to tinker, enjoy and create beautiful memories together..

 990 – 1 = 989

A hand-me-down couch:  Some things are just too large to keep for someday.  A few years back, we put a hand-me-down couch in our garage, intending to use it in our basement family room once when we de-cluttered and fixed it up. Then, over the weekend, we realized, Someone else can use this daily before we can.  So, we dragged it out of the garage, posted it online and had a fellow Freecylcer come check it out.  He tested it for comfort, took a picture for wife approval, and just came today in his in-law’s truck to pick it up. Off it has gone to be cleaned and used in the much nearer future than we would ever use it.

Thank you, God, for helping us to see that we should consider sharing now what we cannot possibly use until later.  The couple who took the couch is eager to have one that is not falling apart and we are happy to have a bit more space to walk in our garage!

 989 – 1 = 988

 An old patio umbrella mosquito net: I love when something gets repurposed.  I was saving this defunct-due-to-holes mosquito net to use for projects with the kids – cutting off parts of the net to use as covers for tiny creature habitats-for-a-day (you know – frogs, grasshoppers and the like) and using the less hole-filled portions to protect berries on bushes we have yet to grow from birds.  Well, our someday projects may be someone else’s tomorrow one, so I decided to post the net on Freecycle.  Sure enough, a gentleman who has been working for three years to get his blueberry bush to produce happily swung by for it.  The bush is finally producing and he wants to share only a bit of his harvest with our feathered friends.  The holes will be perfect for letting birds peck a few berries while he saves the rest for himself.

Thank you, Lord, for abundant summer fruits!  I know my family has been enjoying them and I am sure that this gentleman and the birds

And, on a final note unrelated  for the day, there is something I am enjoying as I write this that I wouldn’t eliminate from my life for anything: The chorus of Nina singing “Alleluia- alleluia” over and over, punctuated by her narrating about her Lego man  “flying the peas” (on the flying trapeze), while Luke “reads” a Draw Write Now book to himself.  The “work” of children…  Such a blessing!

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