Posted by: mmstanger | July 29, 2009

Time Out Tuesdays: Circus Smirkus

circus smirkus tees What a delight!  Grampy and Grammy treated Luke, Nina, cousin Gianna and I to a mesmerizing afternoon enjoying Circus Smirkus.  The fun began even before the show, as Grammy, the kids and I enjoyed a picnic lunch under the shade of some trees on a hillside in the parking lot.  As we munched sandwiches and devoured blueberries from last Saturdays farmer’s market, Luke spied a scarred hole in a nearby tree.  He asked if an owl might live in it.  When I went to explore the hole with him, I noticed that the trees around us had interesting bark and unfamiliar leaves, prompting further investigation later in the day. (They were elms, we think!)

Once the circus began, we were enveloped in the amazing energy of the youthful performers.  For the first half of the show, Luke, Gianna and I sat, literally, ringside, on our bottoms right next to where the circus performers made many of their lively entrances and exits, inches behind where characters, like the expressive big, bad wolf, stepped up on the edge of the circus ring to interact with the audience.  What fun to be so close to the action!

We thoroughly enjoyed the non-stop action of circus feats woven into a fabric of fairytale stories.  The talent of jugglers, unicyclists, trapeze artists and acrobats amazed us.  The imaginative costumes and silly storyline captivated us.  The upbeat rhythm of live circus music enchanted us. The sheer spectacle of thirty outstanding youth performers wowed us.  Truly, the show seemed flawless even in its flaws, for when an attempted feat went awry, it did not fizzle.  The troupe wove its ‘whoops’es into the fun, using quirky expressions, an unending sense of humor and natural showmanship to keep the pace flowing…

By intermission, we were all bathed in sweat, but hardly bothered by it.  Water, snacks and the icepack that Grammy had with her cooled us down enough so that we could enjoy the second half of the show.  For this half, Gianna and Nina swapped places, Gianna going to sit in the stands with Grammy and Grampy and Nina coming to join me.

The second half of the show was no less spectacular than the first act.  A well-choreographed story continued to unfold with an array of impressive circus stunts.  Balancing acts, clowning, juggling, jump roping like we’ve never seen before…  It is hard to even mention all that was woven into the show.  What exceptional work the creative directors and performers put together. 

Truly, I would recommend Circus Smirkus to young and old alike.  It is a show worthy of praise and one that reverberates with fun even after it ends “happily ever after”.  Indeed, Luke has not stopped mentioning his favorite act – the Billy Goats Gruff on unicycles – and continues to pour over the faces of the troupers in the program that has become his bedtime reading. 

Nina, Luke  and Mommy, too, certainly enjoyed our time out this past Tuesday.  Thanks, Grampy!

(Whoops on Wednesday!  I never got this post up last night, as it is a “Tuesday” post.  I am still getting the hang of all this.)

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Circus Smirkus! My daughter was in it for five years and loved it. She’s now 19, moving on to college, but her Smirkus experiences were outstanding. I don’t know how old your kids are, but you might want to check out the Smirkus camp if they want to learn how to do some of those amazing things.

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