Posted by: mmstanger | July 27, 2009

Menu Mondays – Steamed Zucchini Bread

steamed zucchini breadDue to the summer heat, I can not bear to turn the oven on any more than I need to.  However, since we’re starting to find zucchini in our weekly CSA share, I wanted to make quick bread for the kids’ snack time.  What to do?  Think creatively, of course.

I figured if brown bread is steam-cooked in cans, why can’t quick bread be made in a veggie steamer-rice cooker?  A quick internet search later revealed a banana bread recipe that I adapted for zucchini.  Viola – a delicious snack in a cool (okay, simply not any hotter!) kitchen resulted. 

The kids and I enjoyed devouring it during a front yard camp out.  Yum!Luke eating steamed zucchini breadNina eating steamed zucchini bread

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