Posted by: mmstanger | May 12, 2009

Reflection on Toddler Catechism – Offering God’s Hands

So, how can we, as adults, share God’s love?  A litany of answers comes to mind.  Reflecting back on Luke’s question “How Do I Get Him Out of Me?”, an answer that seems very apparent is that we are called to offer our own hands as God’s.  Through sharing our time, talent and treasure, as we so often hear in faith-based literature, we can each use our hands as His.  For example, in my quest to organize home, life, thoughts, daily schedules, etc., I have found myself on my knees more than once, begging for help, time, structure – a hand!  Always, over time, my prayers are answered.  Most recently, Mum and Dad graciously took the kids for a weekend to offer Mike and I some much needed focus time for de-cluttering. (Thank you, God, for giving us parents who so often willingly lend both literal and figurative hands!)  At other times, I have found God’s answers written in the hand of the authors of various books and online resources.  Three of these that come immediately to mind are Stephen Covey, Holly Pierlot and Marla Cilley. 

Among other things, I thank Mr. Covey’s books for first introducing me to the Big Rocks story, a story that I constantly remind myself of and one that now makes me think about when Mike and I planned our church wedding.  At the time, we recognized the “big rocks” in our life as faith, family and friends.  These, I consider the cornerstones of our marriage and of the life we are building together.

Then, in A Mother’s Rule of Life, Holly Pierlot offered me a framework for building on these cornerstones —  a way of thinking about life and my roles within it.  The 5 P’s she discusses in her book– Prayer, Person, Partner, Parent and Provider – work for me.  They name roles that define who I  am and help me stay centered, almost acting as a blueprint for building the life I want if my plan is, indeed, within God’s will.  Truly, I have used the 5P framework to organize both concrete things– such as my filing cabinet – and abstract ones – such as how I go about setting long- and short-term goals. 

And where do I get my supply of nuts and bolts for the building?  Well, every since my high school buddy, Stephanie, mentioned  Marla Cilley’s Flylady book and website to me, I have found myself continually going back to for tips, ideas and inspiration.  I am grateful to Ms. Cilley for synthesizing common sense with fun and practicality, offering me the tactics I sometimes need to keep building a life more like the one I know God wants me to lead.  I find myself using a number of the strategies shared on her website – 15-minute tasks, creating a home management binder, etc. – to improve my daily focus and productivity.

Without doubt, I believe that these three authors, and countless others I have read, have allowed God to use their hands to do His will.  If nothing else, in penning both theoretical and practical ideas, they have helped God answer some of my questions and prayers.  Likewise, my folks, along with many others, have also served as the hands of God in my life countless times throughout the years – offering help and hugs.  Today, I am grateful that God has, in turn, let me use my hands for His will.  Especially as I hold, help and make a home for my children, I know I am charged with an awesome responsibility.  It overwhelms me at times.  It amazes at others.  Always, it makes me want to be a better person, using my hands as His.

So, how can we – as adults – get God out of us?  Well, we can share his love by reaching out in very practical ways towards others.  Today, may we all make a special effort to do so.

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