Posted by: mmstanger | May 12, 2009

Mommy, How Do I Get Him Out of Me?

A few weeks back, when Luke, Nina and I were sharing bedtime prayers, Luke asked me where God lives.  As I tried to explain the answer to this question, I found myself saying, among other things, “God lives in your heart.”  Luke keyed into this asking, “But, Mommy, how can I get him out of me?”  I started to explain that we don’t really want to get God out of us, but that we do want to share Him, and that every time we do something in God’s will, we share his love with others, we let a little of Him out of us…  Then, I remembered I was talking to a three-year-old, so I simplified.  I stopped what I was saying and gave Luke a huge hug and kiss.  I then told him, “That’s how!  When we share our love, we share God.”  Luke loved this idea!  He spent the next fifteen minutes or so showering Nina and me with a myriad of kisses and giving us enormous squeezes, saying they were from God.  Since then, he has continued to share God’s love through hugs and Kisses.  His sister has followed suit.  What a simple blessing for our whole family…

Toddler catechism: How do we let God out of us?  By sharing loving actions!

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